23 October 2009

Bleach: Chapter 379

OMG colored spread specially for Halloween! Ichigo-enstein is hawt. So is Count Ishida and I don't mind if the she-devil Rukia lure me to hell and back *mouthfoams*

But that besides the point! Oh-Em-Gee!! *my inner IchiRuki squeals*

So Rukia knows about Ichigo's masks. Although she never saw it until now, she knows about it, even the marking too! (I didn't notice the markings myself, just noticed that the shape has changed). I like how observant she is and does not panic or afraid of Ichigo because of the mask :)

But of course, Kubo would not make this pairing appeared to be so canon now, would he? So for blinding effect, he lets Ichigo think of Inoue at critical moment, wondering why Inoue feels sad at Ulquiorra's death (fuck, it hurt too much to admit that Ulquiorra is gone T__T).

I am happy that Ichigo wasn't able to use his mask again. It's time for him to take a chill pill embrace Rukia and let the others be hero for a change. Still, no Unohana. But I take Kenpachi vs Byakuya vs Yammy as a worthy compensation.

btw, Yammy just confirmed that he's the strongest espada. WTF, I don't believe him.

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Kenpachi's back!
Anyway, I'm a little annoyed at the power balance.
I had always thought Ichigo > Kenpachi and Byakuya, because he beat them, but in this recent arc, it seems that Kenpachi and Byakuya are stronger. This really annoys me to no end...
Still I love Kenpachi and so glad he's back. Perhaps he will learn bankai?
Also, Rukia looks so cute in her Halloween devil costume.

I think that Ichigo will not have a problem defeating Kenpachi or Byakuya but then again, if he is getting stronger, by logic, others should too, right. So who knows?

I want Rukia in my pants, that's how cute she is ^o^

Ichigo should have no problem defeating either of them. Still I just get annoyed when he needs their rescue. For example, Ichigo fought Grimmjaw and barely came out winning, but Kenpachi had a relatively easier time with a tougher opponent.
Similarly, now Ichigo has a hard time with Yammi, yet it looks like Kenpachi and Byakuya are going to rescue him.
Also, more annoying than that is that Ichigo should be so much stronger now too that he has the mask...

Rukia is super cute. ^ ^
Is that Orihime in the bg?

lol give that guy a break. He has been fighting non-stop since he arrived at HM. He was dead twice FFS. Even with the mask, it is only logical that his physical cannot withstand all those fights.

and yes, that is Inoue.

I agree with Klux. Both on the ichigo thing and not believing yammy is the top espada thing.

I just don't feel this fight will be anything special. Just want it over and done with and then can someone explain what happened to ichigo and what this means for us??? Thank you.

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