21 October 2009

Bleach: Episode 242

I've said this so many time before but I freaking love it when those ninja guys from the 2nd Division appeared out of thin are. They are cool like that, even though they'll drop like flies whenever they got attacked. I just wish they had a cooler captain to match.

The ninjas are the sacrificial lamb in Bleach *facepalm*. Aren't they supposed to be trained and all that shit? They are the special cop or whatever right? Aren't they supposed to be skilled as shit? Jeebus... give them some credibility won't you?!

Anyway, one-on-one/two-on-one/three-on-one fight is okay as long as it is done the right way. I don't give a fuck with fairness. A fight is a fight no matter what. And I got to say that I look forward to Yumichika vs Fuji Kukaku for some very odd reason that I rather keep it to myself.

Oh and thanks to Soi Fon I got to learned the name of zanpaktou that belongs to the 1st Squad vice captain. She can be useful sometimes too I guess *chuckles*

So that is who you are!

Where is Shuuhei by the way? Still unconscious from his last fight with Kazeshini? What a wimp. But never mind, at least with his absent, we got to see Kira in action. Kazeshini is so dead.

Kira is pissed because we didn't get to see Wabisuke.

Despite the outcome was effing predictable, the only reason I like the fight between Ikkaku and Houzukimaru is because the results were apparent: chipped weapon, ragged robe, bruised cheeks. That's what I would called relatively real animation. It just lack the amount of blood but I understand it was all about censorship nowadays. Fucking America...

Ikkaku and his rape face. Inseparable.

You probably would have guessed what happened when Mayuri's zanpaktou appeared in front of Isane and Iba (where the fuck are their zanpaktous by the way?). Yes, I started to squeal like a fangirl that I am. That kid is so disturbingly cute I just can't help it.

The fruit of my labour XD

p/s: the omake makes me lol'd. Ikkaku wears a red ribbon and a floral patent pants? Priceless.

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I love the Mayuri's bug baby too. So creepy, so grotesque, and so cute.

I stopped watching Bleach anime a while ago and just stayed with the manga. Much faster paced.

mayuri can makes a cocoon looks adorable XD

I suggest that you check out this recent fillers. It's good. Yes, I'm saying a filler is good. This fact is the truth.

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