04 September 2009

Bleach: Chapter 372

I'm sick of the good guys underestimating the bad guy. I mean, isn't that the first rule in fighting: never underestimated your opponent?


Granted that they will win in the end because they are the good guys after all but I cringed every time I hear them boasting about winning when they haven't even inflicted a single wound to their opponent.


And what about the chapter title this week, eh? The metal cudgel flinger. That sounds like someone asking for a nudge of a finger at either her puss or his puckering asshole.

Freaking Jeebus...

But lets get on with the chapter. I is surprise that Stark cero gun doesn't work on Love. But was he even trying? His laid back attitude is freaking ridiculous in this situation but I know he has something up his sleeves. Like Linette say, he's not numero uno just because Aizen like his goatee.

Whadda ya know... the last page makes me.... *drools*

Time for revenge, you bitchezz!!


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