02 October 2009

Fade to Black mindfucked me RAW!!

Alternate title - Fade to Black: First impression XD

Avoid this post if you have spoilerphobia, although I probably only tell things that you already know.

I couldn't wait any longer for the subbed version. I don't care of I do not understand a word of what they were saying, for I still fangasm/nerdgasm/wot not from start to finish. Things I do when I fangasm: clapping, screaming, squealing etc etc etc. I did it all out. No reservation. I think my neighbors almost call the police on me ^^"

In order not to spoiled too much, this post will have no imagery from the movie because when I've seen the subbed version, I'll do another review with pictures worthy of fangasm.

I lied. I just can't resist the temptation of these two hottie. But this is only one pic. Promise! ^_^

The movie starts with Mayuri creating some sort of potion. Before he could test the potion, the bad guy appeared and starts toying with his mind. You know you are gonna get some good awesome story when a bad guy out maneuvered THE Mayuri-sama. It was sick. Not long after, Seiretei is under a mega scale attack by something snake-isque that froze everything that it touches.

This makes me wonder... how many time have we seen Soul Society under attack? How vulnerable is the defense system? This happened a lot in my RP group too *sighs*

Moving on...

I can't say for sure since I still haven't re-watch the first and second movie (even though I promised myself that I would) but I think the quality at the start of this movie is kinda appalling if compared to the previous two movies, especially with DDR. It feels like they don't put as much effort on the details as they did with DDR. I mean,Ichigo's face is screwed up 70% of the time. THAT gives me the feeling like I am watching the weekly episodes instead of a movie. Thank goodness it gradually improves as the story begins to stir emotions inside of me.

Besides that, I actually took down notes! I'll be comparing those notes and what I have seen/understand with the subbed version to see if I get most of it right or not. I am pleasantly surprised to see how much I actually understand at what was being said by the characters without the aid of subs. I actually laugh at some of the punch lines! I guess my Japanese has improved over the years of watching non-stop anime. Who said this hobby is non-educational?

Also, I was glad that I've downloaded the OST since from the beginning so whenever I heard them playing in the background, I was assaulted by another wave of fangasm. It was blissful.

Anyhoo, as I won't go into details what was going on with the rest of the story (you probably would have known the initial story line anyway), let me just say this. I enjoy every second of it, despite the faults. But don't take my words for it. Watch the movie and see it for yourself. If you still disagree with me after you have seen the movie, then by all means, feel free to fire my ass with concrete facts that what I said isn't the truth. I'll just get my giant dild0 at the ready, just in case >3


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