23 September 2009

Bleach: Episode 238

(this post will be chronologically fucked as usual ^__^)

Hehehe I like the fact that no one is able to decipher what Byakuya is thinking which makes him even more suspicious. The same can be said about Senbonzakura but hell we all know that Byakuya does not have an ounce of NOT being loyal to the Gotei, and lets hope so does Senbonzakura.

Anyone else thinks it was retarded of Ichigo not to do shunpo in order to catch up on Byakuya, one of the best at shunpo? =\

Hot zanpaktou is hot XD

I'm willing to bet that Senbonzakura is as hot if not hotter than Hyourinmaru

Yeah you better believe it XD

Tobiume and Haineko don't get along very well while Momo and Rangiku do. I guess that is just goes to show how different the zanpaktou and their wielder are personality wise. Apparently the zanpaktous are much more horny than their wielder as well. The fight between them and Rangiku/Momo could have gone way better without the bitching.

They look like twin. Both phailed.

It was funny when Tobiume implied that Momo considered Aizen as her hero instead of Toushiro. Hahaha... phailed yet again. She should have known that Momo will lost it whenever it comes to Aizen. She is just so effing obsessed with that fucker.

lo and behold, he speaks!! fucking hell why does he has to be so hot? @_@

I fangasm when Hyourinmaru starts to attack Ichigo with all these attacks that I have never seen before (or could have forgotten). It was blissful. And holy fuck he doesn't know who he is nor does he knows that he belongs to Toshirou! I fangasm yet again when Toushiro appears. It was teh awesome.

Okay now back to Muramasa. Did he goes to Menos forest in Hueco Mundo because it certainly reminds me of that place with the hollows and Gillians. What was his purpose of going there? It looks like he is fighting hollows despite being the bad guy. And why is he looks terribly weak?

I'm really looking forward for next week episode because seems like they are going to do a little back story on Toushiro and Hyourinmaru :3


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