12 April 2013

First Impression: Date A Live

This could be the first harem show of the season for me. I have never been kind with harem show and I have a feeling that I might end up raging a lot watching this first episode of Date A Live. But lets not jump to conclusion. Let's go prove that I am right, shall we?

(c) Mishima Kurone

Well... technically I wasn't wrong. It has not turned out as I expected it to be. There isn't any harem to begin with, well at least not obvious harem but there is some flying girls with big swords and big guns. I was totally at lost.

As always, the stupidest male gets to be the protagonist of the show and surrounded by females of different boobs size. Goes to show that world is not fair, even in animu. Somehow his younger sister is a commander of a battle ship that fought or try to eliminate spirits that common people thought was spacequake.

Yeah, stupid as fuck.

Which mean I won't be watching the rest of the show.

Having said that, the assistant commander, that masochist guy, made me LOL'd.

Episode: 12
Aired: Spring 2013
Producers: AIC Plus+

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10


We will see....(goes to watch it....realize he just spent precious time he could have watched this show reading kluxorious's fanfics and now has to get to work, curses the world).

watched 1:41 before deciding that this show sucks and that the manga is infinitely better.

Then I remembered my "4-episode test run" policy and cursed the world again.

just dropped that stupid policy already

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