16 April 2013

First Impression: Hataraku Maou-sama!

In the preview, I already put this show in my anishit list. The kind of comedy portrayed in the synopsis is never really what I look for in anime.  So I'm gonna watch this with that knowledge in mind and perhaps I will be biased towards this shit. I do hope that they managed to prove me wrong though just so that I can feel that joy of watching anime with good honest humor.

(c) Mishima Kurone

And guess what, it is rare that an animu can proved me wrong. This show however, did it. The start of the first episode already grabbed my attention with the blood and killing and what not. Then comes the characters who look so badass and then so normal few minutes later but the transition was smooth and was explained in quite satisfactory details that it suddenly made sense.

Maou and his servant Ashiya are demons. Maou is the Lord Satan. They were forced to retreat by Hero Emi and swear to seek revenge. When Maou opened the portal, it somewhat brought them to Japan and their badass personas were gone, replaced by human-like form. Well at least Maou looks like a delicious shouta so you won't hear me complaining about that XD

I like the fact that the show showed how they tried to get used to this world. The foreign language made me LOL and from then on, it was good all over.

Having said that, I'm not sure about Hero Emi just yet. I hope she won't ruined this show too much.

I am glad I decided to check out all the anime before dismissing it. It's when you enjoy a show that you have no hopes or expectations for that made all the difference.

This show is getting an upgrade. It is no longer in the anishit list.

Episode: 13
Aired: Spring 2013
Producers: FUNimation

arts & animation 7/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


Very impressive start I have to say.
Wasnt expecting much but those first scenes with Saten and his war against the allies which lead to him flee was really eye catching and really hit the nail in terms of curiosity.
Now im hooked, loved how the episode paned out with the Madaou and his servent trying to get through daily human life (not to forget the times i laughed at him using his powers to get a house etc)

The only nag I have after watching episode 2 is that Im worried that it will become more into a generic romantic comedy series which I really hope it doesnt because the start was so promising.

Also to note, I felt they could have made the integration in society for Madaou a bit more longer, at least 1 or 2 more episodes. It didnt really fit with him suddenly becoming so nice after only the second episode, especially after his first perceived portrayal at the beginning being very evil (well he is saten!)Nevertheless Ill stick to it and lets hope for the best!

now that you mentioned it, it does seems a bit odd that Maou is so nice all of a sudden. Hmm... Maybe his evilness has something to do with magic. The more magic he has the more evil he becomes.

Okay, why the hell am I making excuses for Maou? O_o

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