19 January 2013

Bleach: Chapter 501

So it took another 2 months for me to pick this up again. This time due to work and me being a socialite person with a life. Let see if Kubo managed to grab my attention again with this chapter or will I wait another month to read another chapter of Bleach.

As expected, the person who killed Opie has wounded Urahara as well which mean s/he is a force to be reckoned with. This frustrated Ichigo even further as none of his attempts to break from that "cage" work.

I saw this panel and I imagined him fucking Rukia Orz
The shinigami at Soul Society, especially the taicho and fukutaicho, are also trying to figure out how to defeat the enemy that they know shit about. Byakuya still managed to be extremely cute (well, okay - funny) with Renji in one panel and I must admit that I missed that. Anyway, in order for them to learn, Byakuya has to continue fighting while Renji try to see their enemy's ability and weaknesses, if any.

What Byakuya just noticed is that there are something else in his enemy's attack which causes his arms to freeze. That dude called it fear. It was cliche as fuck but whatever. It sounds legit and to be honest, if I'm creating a new zanpaktou, it would be pretty handy ability to have. His arrows are like the Dementor. Heh.

Through this enemy's ability, we get to learn what fear means to Byakuya.

As expected, he has sister complex. LOL

Because the enemy successfully made Byakuya (almost) consumed in his own fear, he got an opening to obliterate Byakuya. Is this the end of for the 6th Division Captain? I will be damned if it is.

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Penises. Can I just tell you the end of the chapter?

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