02 July 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, June 2012

Thursday, June 28

It has been a while since I read any manga and since I'm in the office and has nothing better to do, as I wait the love of my life to arrive, I thought hey lets read some. Of all the manga, I ended up picking Zettai Karen Children. Despite the loli, I still like the manga a lot. Sometimes, I don't understand my own taste in anime/manga. Chapter 248-254: Minamoto received a mission from Comerica but he didn't bring the girls with him. His mission is saving Comerica's Level 7 esper, the senator's son who is a 10 year old brat who doesn't trust anyone. In Japan, Kyousuke convinced the girls to follow him to Comerica and see what's going on. In Comerica, it looks like Minamoto is influencing Adam into the wrong path and Comerica has no qualm killing them both. It's good then that Kyousuke brought the girls, not only because of the threats but Adam lost control of his power as well. With the help of the girls, Minamoto went into Adam's subconscious and helped saved him. It's pretty textbook cliche >_>

Two of the three hottest guys in ZKC

Vampire Knight chapter 64: Yuki has finally awakened but before that, we've seen the flashback and learn some history of the cold hearted Kaname. Nothing of importance really, except that before Yuki, Kaname was in love with another woman who was then sacrificed. That was how he turned violence against human, and how the weapon to kill vampire was born/created.


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