25 July 2012

Asa Made Jugyou Chu! (OVA)

When I checked MAL for info on this OVA, there are few things that stood out that made me cringed. Shall I list down the shit that I already end up hating about this show even before I see it? Alright then. First up, like I said in my preview, most of the anime shows will have the exclamation mark in it (except for Working!! because that's from A-1 Pictures and is awesome as fuck) are stupid. Then there's the character designs. It's too shoujo-ish for my taste. Also, why does a boy used the voice of a female seiyuu? Last but not least is this show is considered an ecchi anime, a genre that I rarely approved of.

So why bother watching at all, you asked?

Well... I am curious and I just need to confirm that I was right about this show being stupid.

and Yuuki just watched. I was very disappointed T___T
This OVA is about a boy named Yuuki who get into the school on scholarship. Problem is, one of the slut teacher accidentally (I suspect purposely) put him in the girls dorm. If that's not enough, she even offered to stay together with him in the samee freaking room to look after him. Oh and you bet that that is not the only thing she offered. 

  1. She offered her naked body as compensation for Yuuki's porn magazine.
  2. She offered Yuuki spanking time to release his stress. She even cum.
  3. She offered Yuki to fondle with her butthole
  4. She offered Yuki a chance to see her making out with Takabane, both are very naked indeed.
So yeah, that lucky bastard Yuuki however is gay which just pissed me off so fucking bad.

I would have preferred if he jumped that slut and fucked her hard and tell her who's the man in that dorm.

Oh well, this show is disturbing to an extend but stupidly funny because Yuuki was so gay.

Episode: 1
Aired: Summer 2012
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School

arts & animation 6/10
story 4/10
characters 6/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 5.4/10


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