31 May 2012

Bleach: Chapter 494

I don't care how shitty the series are at the moment but every time I saw the colored cover of Ichigo/Rukia looking so damn fine, I forget all the worries and disappointment. Dayyum Ichigo sure looks delectably bad ass in this cover. Oh and lets not forget the captains of the Gotei 13. When was the last time we had the spread of all the captains? Too long my friends... too long.


That good feelings continue for the first few pages as we saw the Vandenreich assaults Soul Society and since the shinigami wasn't expecting them to attack this soon, they are all pretty much in panic mood. Soul Society is surrounded by pillars blue flames, that of which significant to the Quincy. While they are all amuses at how spiritually dense the pillars, Rukia stepped up and take charge. She figured that at the bottom of each pillars must have a Quincy waiting. Heh, that's my girl.

It is just like Mayuri trying to collect all the data even at the most dire time. I guess he is just doing his job but I almost facepalm when they have to wait before they could bring down the pillar because the data weren't collected correctly. I don't know why it took them so long to figure out that they are being attacked by the same enemy that they dealt with few days back. Who else could it be other than the Quincies right?

Or maybe these shinigami weren't being told the truth by the higher up. After all it happened before when Soul Society held information from the shinigami for their own sake. Well, shit sure looks that way at the moment and I don't mind taking the easy way out for once.

I think this negligence has caused Kira his life. Yes, Kira was the first to be killed in this attack and I am pissed as fuck. Wabisuke is an awesome zanpaktou and will surely do some heavy damage. Fuck you Kubo. If you are in a hurry to kill off the good characters, fucking kill Inoue or Chad first. FUCK YOU.


Kubo introduced the third seat of several divisions. They are pretty much fitted to be in their respective divisions either because of their personality or simply  based on physical outlook. Okikiba Genshirou is the third seat officer of the 1st Division of whom the old fuck was specifically ordered to stay put at the division and just like the rest of the shinigami (whom we knew) from 1st Division, he is ancient. Tagakushi Rikuu is the third seat officer for 3rd Division and why am I not surprised to see that he's blond (I assumed that's his hair color is). Katakura Asuka looks so poised that you knew he belongs to the 6th Division. As for Yami's twin brother, Gori Taketsuna, he kinda looks out of place, surrounded by these good looking fellas.

And I don't even understand why Kubo introduced them when he just going to kill them a few pages after that. It was merciless and I know it was supposed to show how formidable the enemies are but damn it, I am still pissed. What the hell happened to my beloved shinigamis? They aren't this fucking weak, that's for sure. The Stern Ritter killed over 1000 shinigamis in 7 minutes.

this is actually kinda hot


I don't believe that the shinigami have become complacent and thus weak because Ichigo always around to save their asses (except for the old fuck - he's senile). The differences in power between these two sides are just insane.


Yeah of course I know the shinigami will be triumphant at the end and that in war shit like this happened all the time. Shut up. I am just unhappy knowing that we might have seen the last of Kira Izuru. And don't you dare telling me that he's gonna meet Gin in heaven and continue with their BL.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Sorry but Kira is LAME. He deserves that XD! but yeah Wabisuke is a different matter. Then again, I'm not keen anymore on who's critically wounded because Inoue can just magically revive everyone.

But Inoue is not in Soul Society!

And Kira is kinda emo, isn't he? But I have grown to like him thanks to Wabisuke. It's a shame that we won't be seeing any of them in this upcoming war :(

Wabisuke among the vice captains is a very strong blade. Hisagi should have been the one to bite it first.

On the bright side, with the mass clearence of personnel, Kubo might have the zero squad show up

zero squad!

I don't know why Kubo suddenly decided that it's time for the good characters to die like flies. It's too sudden of a changes.

Perhaps he's running out of time because Bleach's popularity drops rapidly. The story sucks, so his editor might have made him rush things down. That's not uncommon in the manga business, though I doubt Bleach will end like Shaman King abruptly without a true end(in the magazine, not the tankoubons).

It's all Kubo's fault. I guess his priority for Bleach shifted for the past few years hence the bad plot etc. Fuck, it saddens me that this series will end like this - for the sake of ending it. There's nothing glorious about that :(

SMH, this breakneck desperation pace is exactly how the "winter-war" should have been delivered (given all the hype and yeaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrssssssss of arc), with Gin, Ulq et al. crushing skulls & taking names, instead of the utterly one-sided "hollow-caust" we got.

IIRC, Yama once said something to the effect of no one stronger than himself appearing in over 1000 years. Funny thing is, this whole fiasco being the "Thousand-Year Blood War" and all invites the speculation that Buckbeard IS INDEED more powerful than Yama.

This might not be such a stretch, given that Ichigo's v2 Bankai Getsuga gave Ivan 3rd/4th degree burns, while Buckbeard's simple finger-pointing obliterated him.

Ah well, I'm holding out for an all hope lost situation where the final resort is releasing Aizen. (Dude just wanted to take over the world, not blow it up...). Then he can show all these pretenders what real KEIKAKU DOORI is. (Can't you just imagine it? Hitsugaya being helpless, when suddenly Aizen OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE rescues Hinamori, right in front of him? YES)

I havent really kept up w/the manga at all or the anime after the Aizen(?) saga. 300 episodes wears on you -_-" but from reading what you posted, they messed with the wabisuke dude? He was one of my favorite supporting characters!!!!!! Man some people. And yeah, inoue and Chad need to die. Like now.

Yea the story seems to be moving too fast like the fact that Kira already died. Sucks. And those other division members who were also introduced but then mercilessly defeated lol. I was like oO? But it was kind of exciting no? Also can't stop thinking of Uryuu. He is bound to have a big part later :)

You are speaking my language Darwin. Ulquiorra/Gin and the others should have been given more credibility with awesome fights instead of relying on Ichigo on everything. I mean, even the Vandenreich knew how important Ichigo is to the Shinigami hence the distraction. Again, I blame Kubo and the old fuck.

Almost everyone is hoping for Aizen to take part in this arc it seems. But I have a different take of what should have happened: Since Vandenreich seem to have done their research, they should have known that Aizen is locked up somewhere in Soul Society. They'll breach the jail and released him. Then again, they want to obliterate all shinigami, aren't they? Ah shit, not gonna happen then.

@Nuu, We aren't sure yet whether or not Kira is dead but everyone assumes that he is because Unohana and Inoue aren't around like the last time (with Hiyori)

@Cely_belly I don't think killing the newly introduced characters (so easily) are exciting. It's just cruel and stupid on Kubo's side, wasting time on characters who are gonna be dead after 2 pages. He could have given more attention to the plot/story. And I keep having vision that Ishida somehow knew about this whole thing and he will become the bad guy towards the end but Ichigo will rescue the whole thing and Ishida goes back being the good guy.

Yeah, they could've picked SO MANY MORE CHARACTERS to kick the bucket. Oomaeda, Hinamori, etc. *shrugs* They wouldn't kill off Chad or Inoue no matter how useless they are in fights because they're main characters. That's just how the freakin' system works. =/
Also, I'm concerned for that Quincy loli...the fanartists will do horrible things to her. ^~^

Where is the rule that stated main characters can't die? Lemme burn it >=(

oh really? I haven;t seen any of her fanarts yet. Link please

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