08 May 2012

Remembering Love: Opposite Attractions in Lovely Complex

I thought that it was an interesting idea when I read Trazor's idea for the month of May of which we blog 4 posts for anime that we remember with love. He called it Remembering Love or something like that. I missed the first week but he reminded me of it which ends up with me writing this post.

Lovely Complex was released in the Spring of 2007. It has been 5 years and it remains as my first ever and perhaps the only shoujo anime that I can truly accept, enjoyed and even fall in love with. Not just with the story but with everything that has to do with it: the seiyuu, the studios even the pop OP and ED. I remember memorizing the lyrics of both the songs and became an overnight fan of the group. It is safe to say that I was (and still am) a fangirl of this show.

Yes, you read that right. I am a fangirl of this SHOUJO show.

So you see... I can enjoy shoujo too if it's done right.

Anyway,  if there is a theme for this show, it gotta be the contrast between the female and male protagonists. Koizumi Risa is a giraffe who always yearns for a boyfriend while Ootani Atshushi is the midget who doesn't give a damn about a girlfriend. All he's focusing on is his performance in the basketball team.

They are both at each other's throat since the beginning of the show, both can't stand each other but they completed each other, without them noticing it of course. Sometimes fate like to play with you, I guess. I mean, being called All Hanshin-Kyojin must have not feel to good for the two kids and only further fuel the animosity between them.

But don't ever underestimate the power of opposite attractions. They both make a pact to help each other find the other a boyfriend/girlfriend. Ootani to help pair Risa with Suzuki while Risa will help Ootani develop a relationship with Chiharu and few other females that appeared afterwards. All of these side characters definitely suited the main protagonists like a glove but they will end up just as a another boring couple.

Everyone but themselves can see that they are made for each other. However it's the journey of them both to get to term with their own feelings what interest me the most. It's great to see how they compromise and at the same time compliment each other being so opposite of each other.

It's complex but not really if you can find a common ground. Also, it doesn't have to be a love at first sight in order to make it successful. It's more of how you treated the other person as well as the honesty and effort that you put in.

That's what this show has taught me at least.

All my ex(s) are totally the opposite of me. While I'm strong will with bitchy personality to match, they are pretty meek and quite the loving types. However my relationship didn't works because I don't want to compromise at all, and did not put any effort to make it successful. I know I should probably learn a thing or two from Risa and Ootani but I believe that if it didn't happen, it wasn't meant to be. And if indeed I think I have found my Ootani, I am sure things will go accordingly without me having to force it.

Sometimes, fate works in a strange way too.

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Huh...Klux going all fangirl on us...you'll be going Moe on us too soon right lol XD

But it seems to have resonated with you not only as enjoyment, but personally as well, so maybe I should give Lovely Complex a shot, see if I'll have fun with it...

all the people that I know who have watched this show ended up loving it. It's a masterpiece

I'm still confused by the exact point of these "remember love" posts, so I will not write them.

I guess it's about what you like about your anime? Why do you love it? Why you chose it over the thousands of anime out there?

I dunno. I just write what I wanted to write XD

It's fun to watch those two bickering at each other. They are both childish at best which is why they fit each other despite their polar opposite personalities. They simply don't notice how much they both enjoy the company of each other. I mean - that setup was like Taiga and Ryuuji, and who ended up together?

Well, Risa is more aware of her feelings towards Otani than he is. I mean, she already knew she likes him in like... episode 3 or something. To see her developed those feelings and then make it works with Otani are definitely one of the best thing about this show

My friend suggested Lovely Complex to me when I said I wanted to try to get into shoujo but it's hard diving into a genre you're not used to lol. But now I think I'll try it *_* It's so cute how you're strong willed and bitchy haha what a badass!

A lot of my friends say that opposites attract doesn't work in real life, I find the idea appealing and cute...

believe me, I am not a fan of shoujo either but this one is definitely an exception.

I used to think like you too when it comes to opposite attraction but when I have experienced it myself for far too many times, well... it's no longer cute. However, I must admit that I need someone opposite of me as my future husband. It's for the sake of my future spawns. LOL

Contrast between two characters always produce really excellent results, especially if it's a male and female in a shoujo/romance show. I haven't watch this anime yet but perhaps I will try it soon enough.

i have never seen any couple with such perfect balance before. These two are made for each other

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