07 May 2012

First Impression: Upotte!!

In my preview for Spring, I already said that this show is going to be worse than trash however I ended up downloading the first couple of episodes. Since they are already in my hard drive, I thought that I might as well check them out and see whether my intuition is spot on.

urgh >_<
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I have not a clue what Upotte!! means but given the synopsis, I doubt that I want to find out. It is basically about few girls at Seishou Academy which specialized in marksmanship. The new teacher, of which they kept a "mystery" by designing unnecessary and out-of-place shadow all over his face, didn't know this and this show is about his experience at the said school. Lame as fuck.

Upotte!! is supposed to be a comedy hence all the bad jokes. I can see them trying very hard to meet that expectation but it just don't work. It feels like they are shoving those humors down my throat and it makes me gag. I tasted bile, especially when FNC was about to cum just by looking at her male teacher firing a gun. Or the male teacher getting a bOnar looking at her thong.

"I'd fired so fast with that big hands gripping me..."


As for character designs, it makes me appreciate shows like Sakamichi no Apollon even more where the high school girls wear decent skirts and not some mini skirts to school. They makes the high school girls, or indeed female in general, looks cheap with all these mini skirts and revealing tops. I dislike that part of modern anime.

Well, I was right at how shitty this show is. I stopped watching 10 minutes in. DROPPED!

arts & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4.6/10


I like bad jokes. Might check this out. Probably won't.

you probably like it. Nah, you won't

The joke is that the girls are human versions of real life guns.

and hence all those erotica masturbation shit talks. Yeah I get it.

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