10 May 2012

Bleach: Chapter 491

After a week of absent, Bleach is back and pick up from where it left us 2 weeks ago. As usual, Kubo let the bad guy shows off his power first in attempt to amuse/wow us, the audience.

Urahara has already told Ichigo a thing or two about the power up that Opie is using now. It's something like the last card for the quincy to use. Once they use them, there's a possibility that they will lost their quincy power in return. But that was the old version of it. Opie further explained (as he kicks Ichigo's ass) that the power up he is using at the moment is totally different, a modern version with greater power and so on.

Ichigo being Ichigo, he still wants to underestimate Opie. His Getsuga Tenshou doesn't works on Opie instead Opie shows Ichigo what else that power up can do. He gathers more reiatsu from all around him (including Inoue's Santen-Kesshunn but before he even finished doing that, he was interrupted.

Guess who shows up?

The three Hallibel's bitches are back as that one fugly furry monster Ayon again >_>


They will no doubt be humiliated again by losing. Urgh that's all for this week? What a lot of bull crap!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Opie will beat furry monster, and then Ichigo might finally stop playing games and beat Opie... all of this so that Kubo can have more time to think of what to do with the story lol.

he's running around in a circle it seems >=(

I am more interested that Inoue's Sante Kesshun can be fully set up now as a dome-shape barrier. And I forgot already these small grunts. :/

lol pardon me if I never actually give a damn about Inoue or her abilities :P

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