14 May 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Episode 4

It's actually bad that I am losing interest with this new batch of Avatar but I'm not going to give up on it so here I am writing an episodic for an American cartoon, because I've told myself I will no longer write episodic for anime since it is just too much work for me. I wrote all my posts for my own satisfaction and I think I can be just as satisfied by using my tard diary. That shit needs to be fully utilized.

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Korra was obviously disturbed by Amon's surprising ability because, lets face it, what Amon said in her dream was right. If he managed to take away her bendings, then she will be nothing but a spoiled brat who knows a bit of martial arts. From what I have seen so far, Korra loves the attention and the recognitions that she got as an avatar so I figured, she would probably lost it if she lose her ability to bend.

The old ladies and gentlemen who are at the top of the governing body for Republic City have voted to create a new task force to deal with Amon and the Equalist, much to the dismay of Tenzin who was the only one who disagreed with Tarrlok. It is obvious that Tarrlok is just another scumbag politician who smells like a lady and hungry for power and will only bring more harm than  peace. I won't even be surprised if Amon managed to disbending him. Yeah, I just created a new word: disbending. >_>

Just as Tenzin feared, Amon accepted the challenge and shit will get far worst. Even more so since Tarrlok is trying to convince Korra to join him. I said trying because Korra refused the first time he asked. Like I said, for the first time, Korra learn what fear means. She didn't even go to practice with Bolin and Mako with the excuse of training to be the airbender.

But Tarrlok didn't give up. He sent gifts and finally invited Korra to the gala that he is hosting for her. This is the first time I saw Korra without pants and a pony tail. I must admit, she does looks sorta attractive. I actually like her more now that she feels vulnerable like anyone else. It makes her human and not just as an avatar. Even more so when she saw Mako with Asami at the gala.

I got a feeling that this gala is the perfect opportunity for Amon to show up and ran havoc. But that didn't happen. Tarrlok used the gala to push Korra over the edge and consequently agreeing to help him with the task force. Like I said, scumbag.

They quickly raided an underground training center for the Equalist. And just like that, Korra became an ignorant bender again and challenged Amon for a face off, just the two of them. I facepalm. HARD. Obviously Amon gets the upper-hand. I was even applauding him when he managed to catch Korra off guard. Thankfully though (or was it?) he didn't disbending Korra but fuck he's a scary nut job.

but wait! during her moment of distress we got to see the face of adult Sokka, Bei Fong and Aang! This was the best moment of the entire show for me! I mean, fuck look at Sokka! *drooling*

Adult Sokka is hhhhhhnnngh ~♥

Adult young Aang


On a lighter note, Mako had an accident with and foxy lady. I didn't know he was into mature lady (I am assuming she's older than him because she really does looks older, doesn't she?). This I am fully supportive of. Heh. And what do you know... that foxy lady is ASIAN! Japanese to be exact. Explains a lot imo. Also, because of his interaction with Asami, I just noticed that Mako actually sounds very sleazy...

So Asami brought Mako out on a date the next day. Mako had a make over courtesy of Asami but still he refused to let the red scarf go. What the fuck is up with that? STOP BEING A LADY. But that's besides the point. The point is, Asami is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, supposedly one of the richest man in Republic City. Knowing that Mako might not make it to the probending tourney because of financial problem, Asami offered to help but not without a catch.

But Mako doesn't care. He accepted it gladly which made me feels so disappointed in him for selling out like that. Regardless, I don't see these two lovebirds happening. Nuh-uh.


I feel like I'm in the same boat as you in that I was losing interest in this series....until the last episode, when SHIT GOT REAL.

Toph's daughter finally bangs out and some other awesome stuff happens. I'm still waiting for the episode with a long flashback. I can feel it coming.

I believe you.

But I can't help but feel like this batch of Avatar needs stronger characters not just in term of physical ability but in terms of personality. So far I am only interested in Bolin, of what I assumed is just a side character.

We have Sokka, Bei Fong and Zuko in the last Avatar, of which each and single one of them were awesome as fuck as individual.

Take away Mako's good look, what does he has? FUCKING NUT.

selling out? sponsers are kind of how these sports work. doesn't hurt anyone. If you ask me though this new chick is DESIGNED to be hated by fangirls. They make her seem all pampered and rich and she just falls all over mako in no time. That "I feel so safe with you" line...come on, this is MEANT to piss off zutarian types. She also has no powers or fighting skills. Main characters in this show can't do that. So I suspect she has SECRET powers, in other words this is all part of an evil plot.

I don't hate Asami (yet). In fact I support the fact that Mako falls for her even if it just for lust. I think the creators just made it too cliche with the whole thing including her being rich and a fan of Mako. They could have been more creative but they took the easy way out.

Like I said in my comment for Glo, I think the characters just aren't strong enough.

Toph's daughter Lin could become a BAMF. I feel like there's not enough characters though. The first Avatar had a whole crew of awesomeness, what with Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Zuko wackjob sister and her nutty friends.....there was no end to the solid lineup of great characters.

In this Avatar we have Korra, Bolin, and Mako. Whoopie three people, and Mako is pretty generic (Korra is awesome).

Then we have the rate at which they were introduced. All of them right away. Korra didn't meet any of them or anything. I mean, I could see how you need to be different than the first series, but there's not really much of a backstory. It all feels forced. More training episodes please! When is she going to talk with the spirit world? Are there really only 6 episodes left? When the fuck is a watermelon cart gonna get tipped over?? I WANT THE WATERMELON GUY TO COME BACK IT'S A RUNNING GAG!!!

Well, we are both right. The lack of awesome characters could be the down fall of this series if nothing is done about it. I missed laughing at Sokka's jokes or watching Toph's earth bend (so hot) or watching Zuko's developed as a character. Problem with these new batch of characters is, I don't/can't feel any attachment to them. That's not good at all.

LOL yes, maybe the watermelon guy can do something for this show. It would certainly be interesting than watching Mako and Asami going on dates

First of all, dude two posts up, those were CABBAGES! And it turns out (2 episodes later) that the cabbage merchant actually became a giant of industry just like Asami's father.
Klux Klux Klux, it's not that Mako didn't want to lose the scarf. It was because the scarf is the last thing he has to remember his father by. Because, in case you forgot, both his parents got shot (with fireballs) in a dark alley right in front of him...yes, like Batman. Hell, part of Batman's design was inspired by little Bruce Wayne remembering his dad wearing a bat costume for Halloween once upon a time. Thus, Mako is kind of Batman-lite. XD
Asami ain't that old. She just wears a ton of makeup that makes her look like she's in her late 30s. Honestly, don't know why...weird design choices. But yeah, I do not support this ship. >=(
Yeah, I went back and looked at that sepia flashback frame per frame because of all the old favorites showing up again. As incentive for you to keep watching, this happens again in two episodes. =P
And in case you want to keep watching to see how human these people can get, next episode is ALL ABOUT SHIPPING! Nothing more human than relationship drama and new ships sailing and sinking and whatnot. XD


Oh I know why he doesn't want to lose the scarf but it doesn't make him anymore less gggaaaayyy. *cough* I just can't seem to like Mako for some reason and is purposely being a nitpick about everything. Also, I don't like Batman either.

And sadly, because I don't feel any attachment towards these characters, I'm not excited to see what dorama will unfold in the upcoming episodes, especially since I already knew there will be another new guy in episode 5. As for shipping, I am still haven't made up my mind yet.

Bolin x Mako sounds about right though.

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