05 May 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Episode 3

Book One: Air
Chapter Three: The Revelation

I am behind on several episodes but it is alright, I always watch anime whenever I feel like it, or in recent year, whenever I can spare time for it. Korra is no exception. I say it is best to enjoy your anime as you please without feeling obligated to it. You are in control... not the anime.

Now I am just sprouting nonsense.

Apparently I am not the only one. Mako just gets on my nerve and sprouting shit as if he knows everything. He and Korra definitely match each other. Bolin on the other hand just keeps growing on me. Oh alright... he gets in trouble every so often but I blame Mako for that. He isn't exactly a good brother. All he does is belittling Bolin. So yeah, I don't blame Bolin when he was influenced by the money and did some shady business for the Triple Threat Triad even though Mako specifically said that he shouldn't.

Okay, maybe I was too hard on Mako. I dunno why but Mako just does not interest me any more. I need to see him fire-bend for real in order to lit up my expectations on him. He just doesn't seems... genuine. Unlike you-know-who that can fire-bend and is cool/sexy as fuck.

having said that, I WILL REAP him whenever *faps*
(c) kehven

Korra on the other hand has quite an improvement with her training to be an air-bender. She has no problem getting through the 2000 year-old air bending thingy when Mako pays her a visit. If Tenzin's daughters are right, it seems like Korra has said something to them about Mako and if her reactions afterwards is any indication, she definitely has the hots for Mako. Oh boy...

Anyhoo, Mako gets the wind that shit is going down between the triad and he quickly comes to Bolin's rescue, with the help of Korra of course. Bolin is caught by the anti-bending group who called themselves as the Equalist. Though they can't bend, they sure know how to fucking fight. Neither Mako or Korra are able to land a few blows on chi blockers. They are the one on the other hand that received all the beatings, of which prevented them to bend. Hah interesting indeed.

So far I never actually give any fuck about the anti-bending group but after that fight at the square, I know that this long and hard war against them would be so freaking awesome. At least both sides are equally match.

The Equalist is having a Revelation meeting and Amon (or at least I think that's how it is spelled) gives some hoolah speeches to those who attend the meeting. Basically he just fucked the benders and claimed that the Spirits have chosen him to replace the Avatar since he has the power to take people's bending away permanently. LOL Okay forget what I said on that last paragraph. Their leader is cuckoo.

In order to prove himself, he uses the Triple Threat Triad leader with Bolin in tow. But holy fuck he wasn't kidding!

Tenzin is right. Now no bender is safe.

But then again, Tenzin or anyone good that is responsible of the city should have take care of the Triple Threat Triad or anyone who misused their bending powers toward the normal people. Also, why the hell Aang, the avatar who supposedly lived for such a long time, didn't manage to create balance to the world? The extortion could have been prevented and so on, can't it?

Oh well, on to episode 4 now.


most people spout nonsense. kluxorious sprouts it. it grows in little clumps out of her skin.

LMAO yes. yes indeed. Gosh the spacecake sure is excellent!

and no I won't edit that shit because it made me LOL. Thanks for pointing that out. Sure made my night! :D

I'm up to date and I'm kind of starting to lose focus.

A) The series is kind of moving too fast.
B) At the same time, not much has happened (you'll see what I mean)

At the same time as all of that, I'm pretty sure in one episode, shit will just explode into awesomeness, based on one of the previews I've seen...might be the next one.

I'm so happy I can actually watch a show on my tv for once. Hooray American Anime!

I get that feeling too and I've only seen 3 episodes. There is actually nothing that excites me except when those chi blockers do their thingy but we all know that are going to their ass kick by Korra anyway...

So you understand why it took me so long to actually watch these episodes... T_T

Popular opinion in the Avatar group I'm with is that Amon is BS-ing the story about the Spirits choosing him to make balance since the Avatar can't. His "permanent" removal has not been proven. I mean, he could've blocked the chi for a little longer maybe, but I'm sure it'll be back in a week or so. =/
It is pretty awesome that the Equalists have such efficient soldiers on their side. Ty Lee would be proud.
Since you're not a fan of cute things, I don't suppose you had any opinion on Pabu then. ^^''

You guys are underestimating Amon. I think he was telling the truth except the part that the "Spirits have came to him and chose him". Otherwise no one (in which I mean the audience) can take Equalist seriously.

Pabu? You're right. I don't give a f.

Klux, the idea is that Amon is like a crazy cult leader and he's spouting nonsense so that the stupid masses believe him anyway. The very fact that he has insane dodging abilities and can chi-block someone so that it looks like he's taken away bending permanently is enough for inspiring followers, but you throw in religious shit like that and they will be all falling in line.

B-but I do want to believe that he has the power to disbend benders!

Ok, but once he's been exposed as a fraud, I am coming here and yelling "I TOLD YOU SO!"

psh. he has the power. The spirit thing may be bs...but even that may have a degree of truth to it. i don't know why it's so unbelievable. Regardless of how much nonsense he may be spouting or sprouting, I think the power would be harder to fake at this point than to aquire naturally.

seperately his movement has a few decent points. I don't approve of the violent path but they have legitamate complaints.

lol sprouting. Damn you XD

I need to catch up or so I keep telling myself >_>

"I always watch anime(?) whenever I feel like it(?)" avatar isn't anime though!!!! Lol ok ok, now I'm not saying it sucks. Noooot saying that. I'll admit I'm biased against it, but for a number of reasons I made in a previous post before the site went under after the accident. Idk, I will say I think the animation is much better, but why can I not stand Avatar? What do you think? Anime is described to be "Japanese animation." if it's from japan & made in japan, I'll eat a a piece of paper lol. Idk...I did see the competition thing where they have to hit each other w/those discs, kind of like dodgeball. That was pretty interesting.

you don't have to compare Avatar with anime though they certainly look rather similar, and has that familiarity with anime as far as I am concern. But if the reason why you can't enjoy the show because it wasn't Japanese, then you are obviously not an Avatard. It makes perfect sense that you can't stand the show if that is the case.

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