23 May 2012

Bleach: Chapter 493

We all know that Opie will one way of the other destroyed Allon otherwise he will serve no purpose in this arc other than that fugly dude with even fuglier transformation. So yeah, Opie pretty much butchered and turned Allon to nothingness without having to lift a fucking finger. He just spread that fugly wings of his and that's that. I am not sure what the fuck Kubo was thinking but this is like Aizen all over again. That godly power... *sighs*

I mean, it's like Kubo thought that Opie isn't fugly enough he gave him the power to absorb reishi (or in his words: enslaved them) which means Opie gets fuglier. I didn't know that was even possible.


So that dude who attacked Ichigo at the beginning of this arc (may he rest in peace), might have the same idea when he pushed Ichigo to use his bankai. I guess he wanted to use Sklaverei to absorb Ichigo's bankai but shit wasn't really working for him. I wonder if it's because Ichigo's reishi was special or different...

I was surprised to see the three bitches scattered the minute they realized his ability.  Well, they should be afraid. They are all made of reiatsu after all. However, I am even more surprised that they actually helped Inoue and Chad by hiding them using one of the bitches (the snake one)'s optical illusion power. Their plan? Go to where Ichigo is.

Yeah that's right. Go to Ichigo will solve all the worlds' problems >_>

However Opie can't be fooled by such low standard tricks and charged in. Inoue and Chad nearly had their deserving ending but of course Ichigo won't let that happened. Y U NO LEAVE THEM BE, ICHIGO?

I am disappointed. Can you tell? T___T

Oh but wait, lets not forget that Buckbeard is invading Soul Society at the same time and looks like the insignificant shinigami, including Kajoumaru, are going to get fried!

Heh. Let see what they can do without Ichigo to help them out. I can't wait to see the captains and their fukutaicho in action again. Let it roll baby! I'm ready to fap!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Every time I have a little more hope for this series it has to go and... just... that screenshot... why. I'd much rather see the characters from Soul Society instead of more drawn out fights in Hueco. Kubo has plenty of interesting characters already, does he really have to go and add more? Dx

For one I am actually glad that Bleach is coming to an end and that is sad coming from a fan :(

Kirge needs to die quickly, but I have a feeling that's not gonna happen... sigh

If only he wasn't that fugly, maybe we could have enjoyed the insane power-up... sigh

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