28 March 2012

Bleach: Chapter 486

Apparently Nel didn't come to the living world alone. She brought her side kick with her, and adding to supposedly the comedic side of Bleach. Again, everything just seems forced nowadays with the slapstick comedy. I don't appreciate it at all. Shit wasn't the same back when Kubo first started this series. That's for sure...

As I said before, I guess I was wrong thinking that Aizen killed Hallibel because looks like she has been the one governing Hueco Mundo after the fall of Barragan and Stark. Kubo must have used whatever loopholes he got.

Like Nel said, Hueco Mundo was attacked by unknown shit who abducted arrancars to use them as their vanguards.

Ichiho held an emergency meeting with the rest of the ryoka, plotting to go to Hueco Mundo and save it. I mean, seriously... why the fuck do they have to do that? Isn't this supposed to be under Soul Society's jurisdiction? Shouldn't they just don't give a fuck for once? Well, at least Ishida said no to the invitation.

But of course, nothing gets passed Kisuke. He voluntereed to help them get to Hueco Mundo. Ah... fuck.

Back in Soul Society, everyone is mourning for Sasakibe. Guess what, we will never get to see his bankai, which apparently he mastered before Ukitake or Kyouraku did. Goes to show that he wasn't good enough to be appointed as captain lol. Byakuya said he refused the seat of a captain because of his loyalty. Pfft, he was a fool then, if he thinks he can be the captain of Squad 1. Everyone knows that the old fuck is immortal!

Having said that, lemme just say that Byakuya is so fucking fappable in this chapter!


Mean while in Hueco Mundo, Buckbeard (what was his name again?) is having a meeting with his minions. One of them, an arrancar who looks mighty fappable, revealed that Ivan failed to capture Ichigo's bankai even after he used his medal... yeah whatever that supposed to mean. Like every other villains in Bleach, they are all interested in securing Ichigo.

Well, good thing that Ichigo is basically surrendering himself to these bad guys right?

*flips table*

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Ishida's the smart one after all, and apparently the only smart one.

I can understand Ichigo's instinct to help his friends but I was hoping his friends, especially Kisuke, will knock some sense into him. Also, what the hell happened to Isshin? Shouldn't he stop his son from going on suicide mission all the time?

This is why we need Rukia. She'll knock some sense into that empty brain of Ichigo, and then some. If you know what I mean

nel asked for help, therefore he helps. "number 1 defender" remember? it's what he does and who he is.

granted there are smarter ways to have gone about it all, and personally I'd probably have teamed up with ginjo and layed seige to Soul Society untill they made some changes, provided that ginjo's irrational murderous ass could be controled. Whenever someone challenges Soul Society i'm like "well...lemme hear your reasons" while ichigo just starts swinging his sword. that's lazy writing for ya though. kubo's pretty much given up or lost interest if you ask me.

If I'd written bleach i'd have cut out the captain vs arrancar battles entirely, cut out the ex-espada dorks, and cut out fullbring. I'd have a full arc in Hell, and I'd make sure it didn't suck like that movie. It would have a god or something else beyond the power of soul society which ichigo would have to fight. My final arc would likely be in the realm of the soul king. I'd also probably have each arc focus on a new character. Soul Society was ichigo. After that I might do rukia. When ichigo lost his powers I'd have kept him that way for a while and developed a few other characters such as karin.

Yes, I understand but that doesn't changed the fact that I think people are taking advantage of him.

I like your idea of focusing on other character i.e. Rukia (and others that are my fav) for every arc. Sadly Kubo wasn't creative enough which is why we ended up with this sloppy shit of an ending >_>

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