29 February 2012

Bleach: Chapter 483

I have not a fucking clue why the hell Yuki is all over the spread for the past 3 chapters? Where the hell is my Rukia? Jeebus... this chapter doesn't have anything to do with Yuki at all!

Ichigo is still unsure who Ivan really is. It's all because of that damn mask. I'm wondering about it myself. Ivan didn't do any harm to Ichigo though. He just provoked Ichigo so that he used his bankai and Ichigo, who has grown up so much since he was first met and got stabbed by Rukia, just played his game, hoping to understand what is it Ivan really after.

Ivan attack pretty much canceled out Ichigo's bankai. Or at least that what he expected his attack to do. Unfortunately it didn't work out like he planned. Ichigo wasn't even affected by his empty threat.

hawt dayyum ♥

I am not a fan of Ivan's attack/weapon. I think it was way too over the top. What happened to simple zanpaktou, Kubo? Why must you exaggerated everything nowadays? Is it just me, or does anyone else have a fucking clue of what's going on between the pages of this chapter when it comes to Ichigo vs Ivan?

Back at Soul Society, or to be specific, the office of the old fuck, the intruders pretty much challenged him and I love to see them bringing the old fuck guy down for real this time around. The old fuck is too arrogant for his own good.

As usual the old fuck underestimated his enemy until his vice captain Sasakibe is taken out. The Vandenreich (oh God, they are Germans! ♥), that's what the intruders called themselves, not only declared war on Soul Society but they confidently said that in 5 days, Soul Society will be annihilated.


I don't like the sound of that. Not at all. That's too short of a time. Does this mean that Bleach will end sooner than I expected it? Fuck now I'm mad AND sad.

Damn you Kubo.

On the other hand, I am intrigued by the antagonists. I can't wait to learn who they really are. Does Grimmjow has German's blood in him? LOL I need to learn to give up, don't I? :P

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


LOL. Grimmjow is still alive . . . in your heart. Bleach characters never die ;)

I want to see him again in the pages of Bleach T__T

was it not obvious Ichigo, that the guy was going to try to seal your bankai, or use its power, or something? Are you just so used to walking right in to enemy traps that you don't know how to stop even when you see them coming? Seems like you could have kicked his ass in shikai.

One wonders why Kubo would bring up that issue if he was just going to have Ichigo shrug it off though. Maybe he will loose it somehow. In some ways I'd hate that, exspecially if it makes Ichigo go emo again, but it could make battles much more interesting.

side note: damn Ichigo looked cool on the cover, but yes the new kid chaffed a little. His similarity in appearance to rukia just makes you wish it was her there. I'm guessing he's going to become a pretty big character who Ichigo will mentor though. Who knows, maybe Bleach will end with Ichigo sacrificing himself and passing on the torch.

Yuki's... a boy?!?

god dammit

We keeps cringing every time Ichigo fell for an obvious trap. This is just one of the many reason why the fans are so mad at Kubo. He chose the predictable path and didn't do anything special to make the journey stands out.

I have a sinking feeling that Yuki is some sort of the ace card for Soul Society. This late in the game, I think Kubo should just stick with the characters that already exist instead of introducing new character and keep forcing them down our throats every week with the full spread.

@Mushyrulez, don't tell me you once fap to Yuki...

I can't fap to anyone in Bleach...

i can pretty much fap to all the girls and half the guys...

but hey, what's with no updates? it's a sign of the end times!

@Mushyrulez, not even to Nel or Inoue or Rangiku?

@Anon, shit just got super busy for me. I've updated the chapter review accordingly XD

lol, tits ain't everything kluxorious.

Rangiku was a turn off for me initially because those boobs are too big. In real life boobs don't get that big unless they're all fat, and I like women who aren't crippled by enormous useless weights on their chest. She's grown on me though. The hair, oh god the hair...

Orihime...not my type. Still fappable except that when I look at her face I start hearing "kurosaki-kun, kurosaki-kun" and get this desire to stab.

Nel? goddess, end of subject.

rukia's crazy sexy for me too though. she does it largely with personality though. it's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is about rukia that's so irresitable, but I know I'm not alone in that feeling.

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