21 March 2012

Bleach: Chapter 485

Seeing that bad guy losing an arm, panting on the floor and yet still addressed his superior accordingly made me laugh. Even more so when his superior threatened to cut off his legs as well since he won't need it if he's addressing him laying down. Dafuq was that? That is just bullshit. If no one attended to his wound, he will bleed to death in no time, no?

I am your leader! Bow to me!

Oh and by the way, that loser who got his arm cut off is called Luders Friegen. What's with the Germany's name? Are they descendant of Hitler?

Apparently, it was his idea about invading and destroying Soul Society in 5 days. Buckbeard has not a clue about it and is actually pissed that Friegen decided to play prophet without his permission. And so ends the life of Friegen... just like that. LMAO... all that talked he had with the old fuck... wasted...

Same goes for Ivan whose real mission was to slow down Ichiogo. God knows why, but I'm sure Buckbeard will tell us sooner or later. Since his mission was done, he too was eliminated. This is just Kubo trying to establish the fact that Buckbeard is ruthless and merciless. A formidable villain.

Pfft, how the fuck can I take him seriously with name like that?

Friegen and Ivan were not quincy but were arrancars and seems like Buckbeard can has as many arrancars as he wants. I'm still rather confused as to what his identity really is. Friegen called him the King so I thought he really was the King.

Back in the real world, none of Ichigo's friends came after him. They weren't even worried about him. Why would they? He fucking took down Aizen. That's like bringing down the God. If anything they should feel sorry for the asshole who was stupid enough to go after Ichigo.

There is a slight comedic relief between the pages, or at least that's what it supposed to be: Orihime teasing Ishida about being friends with Ichigo nowadays, Yuki's stupid humming ring tone, that kind of shit which do nothing but pissed me off to be honest.

I thanked the heavens when Yuki said that he was called back by Soul Society to attend a funeral. Guess who is dead?

Holy shit. I guess Bleach really does about to come to an end. Good guys never die in Bleach before, even when they were cut into two. And 106 shinigami dead in 182 seconds? That's a freaking world record!

They called Yuki and gave him all the details. Heh, that's pretty obvious that they want Ichigo to know what's going on as well. However, he didn't go to Soul Society which disappoint me because I want to see him and Rukia again.

Instead, I got him and Nel T___T

did she suck your nipples?

She brought news about Hueco Mundo. The mention of that place, and the fact that there are arrancars involved bring smile to my face and you know why... it's because maybe, just maybe, we got to see Grimmjow and even Ulquiorra again. I mean, we already have Hallibel making a come back even though I was pretty certain that she was killed by Aizen. Looks like I was wrong...

Buckbeard is obviously into BDSM

So... what about those quincy theory, huh?

And I wasn't that crazy after all wishing that the arrancars will come back XD

Also... fuck I really do hate this Buckbeard guy who looks like he's Kenpachi's long lost brother. He has invaded Hueco Mundo and has controls over the hollows and arrancar. Would have been great if Soul Society released Aizen and used him to fight Buckbeard. After all, Aizen pretty much build Hueco Mundo, didn't he?

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FUCKEN YEAH!!!! Ulquiorra will be back....I just know it!!

Let's pray for the best :D

Minion! go to the real world and reveal yourself to our enemy who doesn't even know we exist. Make sure you show him a few of your powers. That'll slow him down.

Ulq return? He disentegrated... I can see Grim happening, but Ulq is quite literally dust in the wind.

Though maybe he's in hell, or even in Soul Society as a healed soul. Can you imagine that? non evil Ulqiorra? how does that even work?

Now excuse me while I go fap to Halibel. something about that bronze skin...

>'are they descendants of hitler?'

made my day

Shell yeah! I guess they'll have to make a deal with the devil himself,Aizen-sama. And guess who I am,Kluxie-chan... :3

I found it funny that Luders showed his face for one and a half chapters and got killed off, and Ivan didn't do much better than he did. Will we see some mass character liquidation in this final arc?

oh hush now Rogue, stop raining on our parade. Like you said, Ulquiorra could be returning as a shinigami. That would be awesome as fuck. THE BEST ENDING EVER! trololol

Mushyrulez, Kubo kinda has some affinity for Germany it seems. In that, he and I have something in common then.

Franko dear, instead of wasting their time with Ichigo, I think the new villain should focus on Aizen instead. I mean, sure Ichigo won the last fight but he got so much helped from other shinigami, including Gin. Oh Gin, where the fuck are you?

TJ, the bad guys are dropping like flies and like you said, why go to great length to introduce a character that will only die half a chapter later? If this trend continue, I am afraid that the end for Bleach is bleak T____T

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