26 March 2012

Anime: Spring 2012

I am (way) far behind the Winter anime. It would have been a miracle if I get to see all the first episode of the Spring anime. I am too busy with work to realize that Spring has creep up on me and yet I have no clue what's showing. So I put aside my work for few hours and doing this preview instead to satisfy myself, and even convincing myself, that I am still an anime fan.

everyone, let's thank moetron for this chart

As usual, lets divide this accordingly. First up is the must watch (indefinitely) list. I didn't get to watch (or more accurately ignore) any of the noutaminA series for Winter. Let see if noitaminA managed to restore my faith back.

  • I know who is fapping right now. It's Glo because hey look, Nazo no Kanojo X is getting an anime!
  • I wasn't too sure about Fate/Zero back in Auturm until Reiki showed up and patiently walk me through this typemoon series. I am saving the last episode of part 1 so that I have a continuous watch for the second part. Needless to say, I'm stoked.
  • Same goes for Kimi to Boku season 2. I have a couple episodes left from season 1. It will be a good motivation to dive straight into season 2 with the characters fresh in mind. After all, they are the reason why I fell in love with the series in the first place.
  • A1-Pictures didn't produce any anime during the winter so naturally I am looking forward to Tsuritama which will be one of the two shows featured in noitaminA this Spring. It certainly looks different story/plot wise. Besides, this show is centered around 4 bishies. What's not to like? :3
  • One more anime produced by the A1-Pictures for Spring is Uchuu Kyoudai. It's about dreams, relationship between brothers and I'm sure so much more. I just hope that A1-Pictures do not pull another Fractale for this one.
  • I said earlier that Sankarea has the potential to either flop or goes up the ladder. This caused Glo's wrath and then I remember that he has been ranting out about how awesome the manga is so naturally this automatically got bumped to the must watch list
  • Sakamichi no Apollon will be featured in noitaminA and looking at the plot/story, it looks decent. For whatever reason, it reminds me of Kuragehime and that's good enough for me.

Next category is the shows that have the potential to be something more than average and might get a bump to be included in my MUST WATCH list.

  • The plot is intriguing enough to catch my attention. Plus, Hyouka is by KyoAni. What could go wrong?
  • I'll be honest. I have never watch Eureka Seven before even though I have the DVD somewhere in my room. I hope I can still watch Eureka Seven AO even though it's a sequel. I need people to fill me up like they did with Last Exile.
  • I still have a lot of episodes to catch up on but Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle has been somewhat very entertaining ride so I'm not going to miss the second season either.
  • I enjoyed the OVA so I'm sure I'll be enjoying Yurumates the TV series this Spring too.

Now that we have got those out of the way, it is time for the average shows that might be dropped for being predictable and cliche. This all depends on first impression. I am that picky because I can't afford to otherwise.

  • To be honest, I don't know what to think of Jormungand. It sounds dark enough to pique my interest but I am not crazy about the arts...
  • A weak and often bullied male protagonist meet and has instant luck with the prettiest girl in school? Where the fuck have I heard that before. So atm it's a big no for Accel World. But if the protagonist is that fat boy down there... then this show might still has the chance to redeem itself.
  • The art for Ozuma reminds me of the old age of anime back in the 80's. It looks interesting enough but I'm not crazy for the love development thingy between Maya and Sam. If anything I think I will end up rooting for the IC. Bad guys are just that hawt sometimes.
  • Who haven't heard of Saint Seiya right? However that does not mean I'm looking forward to watch Saint Seiya Omega. Again, what's with the 80's art?
  • I am not gonna lie. Although I will hate Tamaki, I wish I could have her life instead. Having five bishies as my guardian angels... now that's a life I can look forward to. So yeah I guess I'll be checking out Hiiro no Kakera.
  • I am not crazy about Natsuiro no Kiseki but I am interested to see how these four girls interact with each other. For that I'll give them the benefit of a doubt.
  • Saki: Achiga-hen episode of Side-A because I somewhat like the first Saki :)
  • For some reason I got excited with Zetman. It probably has something to do with that misleading poster. It looks like a guy carrying another guy in his arms. The fujoshi in me squeals in delight.
  • I am not a fan of Rock Lee so naturally I can't say that I look forward to Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden. Besides, it has been over a year since I last updated myself with the Naruto series.
  • They must have a reason to do a digital remaster for Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. Here I am hoping that the reason is because this anime was exceptional in those days of yore.
  • Kuroko no Basuke reminds me of Slam Dunk, the ever so famous basketball anime in the 90's. It is produced by Production I.G. so at the very least I am hoping that the arts and animation could blow us away.
  • Yet another girls idol anime. AKB0048 is probably would be the other iDOLM@STER.
  • This could be the only 4koma manga adaptation of the season that I'm interested in: Acchi Kocchi
  • Why does an anime looks like an American cartoon? I hope Gakkatsu can overcome this flaw with some witty comedy otherwise I would throw this in the trash can without missing a heartbeat.
  • What's with anime and soccer lately? The latest addition of the soccer anime is Ginga e Kickoff!! which was adapted by a 2006 soccer novel. For a girl, I should probably be ecstatic that this show evolved around a professional female player but all I can smell is cliche shit so...
  • I am not crazy about the plot for Tasogare OtomexAmnesia. It reeks of clicheness; a boy who is the only one who can see the ghost of the female protagonist. Hmm... where did I heard that before... >_>

And without further ado, below are the anime that is more likely to be included in my anishit list. These are the shows that I won't bothered with except if I'm really bored and has nothing better to do than waste my time raging. In other words, the shitty/ecchi shows. It could also be the show that I'm curious about but know that I only watch the first episode to prove that I'm right at how bad it is.

  • Again with girl saving the boy from alien and that girl turns out to have some powers herself. You have seen one, you have seen them all so there is no reason for me to watch Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • I know I will rage watching Sengoku Collection. That era is meant to be bad ass but this show will ruin that for me. It is most likely that I will skip this and won't even bother to check out the first episode.
  • I don't play games and it serves no purpose for me to watch Koi-ken!, a dating anime adapted from a game that has male/lesbian as the consumers.
  • Who the fuck want to watch an obvious anime like Shiba Inuko-san? The 4koma fans, that's who and I am not one of them.
  • Arashi no Yoru ni is a collaboration between Singapore's Sparky Animation studio and few Japanese companies including Bandai Visual. Unfortunately I'm not into kid show and this show looks like it belongs in Disney Junior channel.
  • Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ Jeebus, what's with saving the damsel in distress? They are just sluts and attention whores!
  • I have some reservation for Medaka Box because of the size of the female protagonist's boobs. What school allowed a student (a president of student council at that) to wear that kind of uniform. Jeebus talking about it is enough to piss me off.
  • There is no way in hell I'm gonna waste my time watching Jewelpet Kira☆Deko and holy fuck, this is the fourth season? What did I miss? O_o
  • Same goes for Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. Why Japan? Why?
  • Another 4koma manga adaptation that I will not give a shit about is Upotte!! Just saying that title already pissed me off.
  • I have never heard of Train Hero.
  • Eh what's with the animal theme children show? No, I don't want to watch Shirokuma Cafe either!

And here are the shows that I don't give a damn about because I haven't finished watching the previous season or never has the intention of watching it in the first place.

  • Kore wa Zombie desu-ka?Jigoku-hen.
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard Second Series
  • Kikansha Thomas
  • Beyblade Zero-G
  • Queen's Blade Rebellion

I won't be bothered by the OVA/ONA/Specials because I'm too lazy for that (and because my work has been staring at me the past couple of hours). However let me mentioned the movies that caught my interest

  • Well, I have both seasons of Strike Witches. It won't be bad to watch that movie as well even though I don't understand why am I even bothered with this series.
  • If a poster like that can pique and intrigue me, I'm sure the movie of Uchuu Senkan Yamoto 2199 will blow my socks away.
  • I have this inclination to watch anything that Production I.G. produced but then again, I did drop Guilty Crown. Having said that Momo e no Tegami looks like a folklore movie which always interests me for some reason.
  • Niji-Iro Hotaru ~Eien no Natsu Yasumi~ looks like a love story and I'm a sucker for a good love story
  • I have no idea what Deva Zan is all about and I want to know.

That concludes the preview for Spring 2012. Just look at that must watch list of mine. Am I being too ambitious again knowing that I am too busy to watch more than 1 episode per day? Sad times indeed for the anime fan in me T__T


No Queen's Blade? The last two season's actually got pretty damn good! I started out hating all over that show, and then they started lessening the blatant fanservice, and increasing the writing quality (though the boobs were still huge and no attempt was really made to hide this fact).

Queen's Blade kicked ass. I will watch the new season with gusto!

Though nothing else matters besides Mysterious Girlfriend X.

I'm particularly interested in Sekaichi no Apollon. I would love to see Hyouka turn out good; the folks at KyoAni clearly have a lot of talent, so I want to see them show that they can pull off something outside of their comfort zone.

foomafoo said that Sekaichi no Apollon could be a BL in disguise ^__^

Glo, those big giant tits just won't do it for me. Every time I see them jingling, I would flip the fucking table. But yeah, thanks to you, I can't wait to see Mysterious Girlfriend X too.

I'm looking forward to Eureka Seven!

Your blog is great, by the way! You should check out http://www.mangauk.com if you don't already read it :)

I'm only going to be watching Accel World, Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia thus far. I'll probably pick up a few more shows later on.

i can't make up my mind just yet. All i know is that I will definitely be watching A1-Pictures anime XD

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