15 February 2012


Dear my love,

My view about the Valentine's Day still hasn't change. I couldn't care less about the day to celebrate loves and what not. I still stand by what I wrote back in 2007. I understand that you are allowed to go overboard with it otherwise it wouldn't be called a celebration but it still doesn't make sense to me.

Affection doesn't make sense to me.

I feel suffocated when my boyfriend (either past or current) starts showing his affection towards me. I know it's the logical thing to do when you are in a relationship but for the life of me, I just want them to act like they normally would. Please... I bloody know how to take care of myself. I will eat when I'm hungry and will sleep when I'm sleepy. If I missed you, I will let you know. I don't need you to tell me constantly what you are up to. I know the distance presents a challenge but I trust my man 100%. I don't even care if you want to meet other girls as long as you tell me about it. I'm that open-minded when it comes to relationship. It's not that I don't love you but I have my own ways of loving you.

But no... apparently men want attention too, especially from the girl he is in a relationship with and yet they whine when girls do the same thing to them.

Let me breath for fuck's sake.

Unless I'm legally yours, I will not tolerate this shit.

Please don't make me fall out of love with you. That's the last thing I want to do and if you know me, you know it's not the hardest thing for me to do.

Your girlfriend soon to be waifu ♥

(c) Norita-chan


One day he will stumble onto your Twitter and your blog and his mind will be blown. He'd probably pay most attention to the "positions" post though...

I posted the link of this post on my facebook where he too is a resident. I wrote this because I want him to read it and get what I've been trying to say to him. I'm doing this out of love :)

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