15 February 2012

Bleach: Chapter 481

In case any of you guys missed it, mangastream, the only place I've been reading Bleach since onemanga shut down, has discontinued with the series because Viz is being a dick about it. They have stopped the scanlation for all JUMP manga which include Naruto, One Piece and few others. So now back to mangafox, folks!

But lets get on with the chapter now because looks who is back! It's Hiyori Sarugaki with her fellow Vaizards friends and they aren't in Soul Society but resides in Karakura town instead, if Love buying JUMP manga is an indication. Sadly though that's all Kubo presented us with for this chapter :(

I almost had a heart attack when I saw the cover for this week. For a minute there I thought it was Tatsuki wearing the shinigami robe. It is not entirely my fault for disregarding Yuki from the last chapter though. I mean, we already have Hanatarou to represent the wimp, weak and yet adorable male shinigami. We don't need another one.

Ichigo brought Yuki back to the clinic where he recuperates. Obviously his ryoka friends just have to show up and being friendly to the new shinigami even though Ichigo wasn't too happy about it. Then again, they did lend their hands helping out with the hollow invasion two days ago. It still doesn't make sense to me that none of the shinigami came to pick Yuki up. They just let Ichigo handle everything when it comes to the real world, don't they? They send a wimp just so that Ichigo can't say that they do nothing about it. Fuck that oldfuck.

fuck you two people on the right!


I'm about to say that I'm not please with this week's chapter. It just full of slapstick comedy that aren't funny. Or maybe it is just me, writing this post when I'm cranky as fuck because of the lack of sleep.

But then Ikkaku and Yumichika appeared and fuck just like that I have a big goofy smile plastered on my face. They brought in new plot. Apparently the people at Rukongai are missing without a trace and since it's under their squad's division, they went there running to investigate.

And right then BAM! enter one of the new villain into Ichigo's house. He came in through the window uninvited and fuck doesn't he looks like Joker? Don't tell me he's dead and is brought back to Soul Society... LOL that would be too fucked up and awesome at the same time. Oh, his name is Ivan Azgiaro by the way :D

apparently he's just a messenger?

Isn't it funny that the bad guys always look for Ichigo first instead of any of the shinigami from Soul Society? I feel sorry yet again for the high school boy. He deserved a break. After all, he just saved the world from Aizen and finally got Rukia and his power back just a month ago...

Can't wait to see what Ivan is up to. Does he looks like a Quincy to any of you guys? He does wears that long coat, which I assumed to be white, and isn't Quincy always wear white for some reason? LOL if he is indeed a Quincy, it would be way too interesting to see Ishida's reaction first and foremost.

Heh, some people would be extremely disappointed that the mysterious man turns out not Grimmjow XD

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


*Possible Spoiler*

Lets see.... they've had Arrancars; Shinigami/Hollow Hybrids. It wouldn't surprise me if this guy is a Quincy which died and turned into a Hollow, and then turned into an Arrancar, while still keeping his quincy powers. This is just a thought I've been wanting to get off my chest, so sorry I had to post it here.

Don't feel sorry about it. Opinions are welcome in my blog.

It would be ironic if he's what you said he is because if anything Quincy really hates the hollow and thus the arrancar as well, don't they? I don't think their Quincy pride would let them.

I think he is not a bad guy, but a messenger Arrancar from Hueco Mundo to propose an alliance to Ichigo - alliance against Quincies that are going rampage and are wiping out Hollows and Arrancars :P

now... that seems plausible indeed... if only they didn't send those hollows to the town

now mangafox has stopped too. we have to find underground sources.

either that or grab your torch and pitchfork

DA..FUQ? o_O

*grabs a gun*

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