18 February 2012

The Anime You'd Really Like To See

This post is inspired by ghostlining.

To be honest, I think I've seen the anime that I'd really like to see, or at least the anime that falls under the category of romance genre and that anime is none other than The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. That movie perfected the genre in my opinion. It evokes the true meaning of pure bliss and it gives me immense satisfaction and from watching it (numerous times and counting).

But that defies the purpose of writing this post, isn't it? Unlike ghostlining who wanted to create an anime that contains a matter of religion, or animekritik whose anime is inspired by Daft Punk, my anime would pale in comparison.

The genres will includes all of these: horror, psychological, fantasy and action. There is only one production studio that can achieved what I have in mind and that is ufotable. I want the same people who works on Kara no Kyoukai and maybe some from Fate/Zero to work on this anime. See where this is going yet? I hope not because I don't want another cliche shit anime. It will be 27 episodes because 26 is too mainstream.

It would be the story of the immortals in modern days. They are another whole bunch of human races, created by God himself on the same day He created Adam and Eve. Their existence however have been kept secret and was even omitted in all religious books. They are God's muse, so-to-say for they have only one purpose on earth, to be the epitome of greed. God created them to be merciless and without compassion. A complete opposite of normal human being.

Though immortals, they are not without weakness. Ironically, greed is what their weakness is. Temptation to have greater power will eventually be the cause of their death. Each of these immortals come with special power. Some power are weaker than the others. They killed the others to gain their power but they have a hefty price to pay. The process of gaining the power is not for the faint-hearted for it feels like your innards are being eaten inside out. There is no word that could describe the magnitude of the pain they have to endure. Many failed and succumb to death on their first try and those who succeed were too scared to try it again. Only few who are brave enough to endure those pains over and over again and thus became the powerful ones, as they developed skills to be a better hunter. So the weak hide from the one who are far more powerful than they are. To this day, less than 50 immortals remains and they are still hunt each others down to gain that possibility of being on the same par as the God himself, because if s/he succeed, he basically have all God's power except for creating a living thing out of nothing.

how I picture of of the female protagonist
(c) risa hibiki

There will be at least 7 immortals that the anime will focusing on. 3 females and 4 males, all of the same age and since it's anime, they will all be late teens. They blend in perfectly in society. They indulge in whatever normal humans do but if there's one thing they do best, that is to keep their secret a secret. If the world learned about it, they just have to kill the whole world, if you know what I mean. They are the wisest. After all they have survived how many thousands of years? These 7 immortals will hunt the each other as well as the other immortals and I'm still undecided whether to let one succeed or not but at least a lot of the immortals will be brutally murdered.

The first episode will be the introduction of those said immortals. It may take up to an hour long. Then the following 3 episodes will be of the back story of the immortals with snippets from different times and eras. That leave 23 episodes for hardcore greatness. Of course all the gruesome deaths, murders and killing will be glorified. Censorship is NOT allowed. The process of gaining those power will be in miniscule details. They may be lots of talk but I will balance it out with lot of actions too. As you can probably figured out by now, the anime would be dark as fuck.

And there you go, the anime that I'd really like to see. What do you think of it?

Oh did I mention that only Kalafina is allowed to the both the OP and ED? I still hasn't figure out the seiyuu though but that can wait :)


BAAD!! :D I would watch this. *nods*

Highlander meets Geass, it looks like.

i was in a darker mood when I wrote this. Can you tell? :P

You really know exactly what you want. ^ ^ Down to the story and premise and everything. It sounds super interesting, and I'd probably enjoy something like that: pretty bad ass battles among seven cool characters.

that's what I thought too. The story is actually progressing in my head and if I am not too busy, I would have write a fanfic ^_^

Just found this post, no idea when it was made. Just going to go out and say it...

Mysterious Girlfriend X.

The End.

lol yes Glo. I will watch it... eventually XD

I thought they already made a Highlander anime?

argh fuck. Scrap this then.

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