05 January 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 11

I am not happy to learn that Rise's is Lovers Arcana. Hopefully it just a random shit and has nothing to do with the plot because if indeed Yuu and Rise ended up having a relationship, then I might just dropped this. I'm just that intolerant when it comes to character that I dislike. Even Margaret warned him against it.

Anyhoo, another murder in town just when they thought they have figured out the clue. King Moron (the annoying teacher of theirs) didn't appear on TV or in the Midnight Channel. They are back to square one. Shits get a little bit cheesy as they discussed what they should do next while eating a mega beef noodle.

They wanna tried the TV but was surprised to find Teddy in the real world having a blast with the message chair. I'm disturbed that none of the people there were suspicious of Teddy. Did they think he was a mascot or something? Oh wait a minute... looks like he has transformed into a real boy! Pinnochio would have been very jealous of him, I am sure. Even more so if he knew that he becomes a boy so he can score with Yukiko and Chie.

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There is some psychotic guy in town by the way. He might be the King Moron's killer. He has his eyes on Yuu's niece. He was the same guy that confessed to Yukiko several chapters back. He was determined to kill the gang now since they were in the way. He even confessed that he was the killer in the internet but who the fuck will take him seriously. What did he do to prove himself? He turned himself in. Jeebus. And thus I don't believe that he's the killer at all.

It was also revealed that Naoto is helping out the cops with the investigation. Yuu's uncle wasn't too happy about it but since their investigations weren't going anywhere, he doesn't have much of a choice. It was authorized by the higher up anyway so basically that was nothing that he can do about it. But once that psycho was caught, Naoto quickly got the boot. Heh, not for long. I think he'll join Yuu soon.

Since the culprit has been identified, Yuu and the rest of the gang were pretty bumped at the thought of not hanging out together anymore. Jeebus, what? Why not? They are being unnecessarily melodramatic about it. Since none of them wanted that, they decided to continue watching the Midnight Channel and what do you know... that psycho appeared, taunting them.

This ought to be interesting. For the past 10 episodes, we only see Yuu and his friends trying to save whoever it was that got caught and thrown inside the TV world but what will he do when it's someone bad and evil?

p/s: I didn't mention this earlier for obvious reason but Rise has joined the team as well. If she turned out to be a liability then I'm gonna rage and do a Chuck Norris on her.

I wear a megane too! Are we friends as well?


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