09 December 2011

Working'!!: Episode 10

Heh it looks like this episode will focus on Inami's androphobia. Takanashi had already been punched once in less than a minute. Next up was probably Satou-san who was on a break. Kyoko must have messed up the scheduled. Inami wasn't supposed to be on a break with a guy. This however led to a misunderstanding on Inami's behalf. Because Satou looked so calm and collected, she thought that he was challenging her to see if she will go through the break without punching him when it fact he was thinking that he might die lol.

She accepted the "challenge" and started some small talk with Satou. She ended up threading on thin ice when she mentioned about his love interest. However, she managed not to punch him and got complimented for it but that didn't mean that Satou isn't affected. I think he almost pissed in his pantsu lol

Inami excitedly told Takanashi about her progress but he wasn't the least impressed, even more so when Inami mentioned Kirio, which in turn made Inami nervous. She backed up to the boxes that Kyoko recklessly stacked earlier. To save her from the falling boxes, Takanashi did the unthinkable (which I greatly approved of).


Inami was pretty stoked about what had happened and thus she tried her best not to come near Takanashi because she just might punched him to death in her excitement. (un)Surprisingly Takanashi wasn't happy being avoided by Inami though he never admitted that. When he saw her taking a nap at the break room, he can't resist to pat her head and voila!

fuwa fuwa~

Unfortunately Inami woke up in the middle of his amusement and realized what he had done. She ended up not coming to work for few days. Souma-san used this opportunity for some mind games with Takanashi. Fun times indeed, especially when they found out that Inami was sick. Since Inami's parent think Takanashi is a girl, he didn't have a choice but to dress up as Kotori-san in order to visit her at home, even though her mom knew he was a guy.

I missed you, Kotori <3

On a different note, Poplar ended up locked up in the freezer. Poplar accused Satou-san for that when it fact it was Aoi who did it. In the mean time, Aoi kept going on and on about cellphones >_>

that's what you get for accusing people

I envy her simple mind

Working'!! did it again. I said this every week but they just get better with every new episode. Now I can't help but wish for a third season of Working'!!


"I envy her simple mind."

Yeah, it is pretty funny how she can get so much pleasure from little things. I really liked her special mail box.

I actually adopted the "special mail box" in my office lol. It's a good way to annoy some people XD

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