10 December 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 9

They decided that they need justification to why Hinata and her dad sucks so badly and thus they provide us with a flashback of these screwed up family. They tried to gain our sympathy by pulling the "neglected-child" shit. Hinata's dad wanted to make up for it and Hinata readily agreed to help him out even though he just told her that he was the serial killer. How fucked up can you be? I bet she was raped by the dogs when she was a child. That should explain everything.

Her dad knew that Akise got something on him and thus assumed that he was a diary user as well. So he used Hinata to kill Akise who then used Yuki as bait. I have to wonder how the fuck did Hinata get to make a duplicate corpse that look exactly like her? LOL Mirai Nikki and logic don't really go well together, do they?

Akise suggested they played a game and whoever wins will get the opponent's diary. Since Hinata has Yuki's diary, she thought she would easily defeat Akise. Well, think again. For someone so moronic as an opponent, Akise didn't even has to break a sweat. As usual, Yuki was acting like the dumb shit that he is, getting all excited over Akise and as usual, Yuno knew something was off. She suspected that Akise wasn't a diary holder. He just played along to whatever Hinata was saying.

She acted upon her instinct and she was totally right (as always) but Akise isn't someone anyone can defeat oh so easily. He truly was a worthy opponent of Yuno. With the two of them together, there's no one that they can't beat. They are perfect for each other. If only their affection is towards one another instead of for Yuki.

I almost came during that scene lol

can you feel the palpable sexual tension between these two?
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but i'm okay with threesome too. Rape is imminent Yuki >=)
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I mean, it doesn't seems right that these two awesome people like someone like Yuki when Yuki he too dumb for his own good. Perhaps his optimism should be complimented and commendable as human being but I was just fucking pissed off when he thought that they all can be friends and acted like all of these shits weren't happening if Akise managed to defeat Hinata in the game, which by the way he did, thanks to Yuno for being such a genius (she covered Yuki's ears and thus whatever answer that Akise chose will be written in that Random diary of his, of which Hinata was relying upon).

Mao, Hinata's bitch can't accept that she lost and before she could acted upon it, she was already stabbed by Yuno. LOL that was fast and awesome as fuck.

Hinata was pissed and sent the dogs after them. Yuki is still with his idealism to safe everyone, including Hinata so he went after her despite that Yuno wasn't happy about it. For some reason Yuno became quite meek in front of Akise and just went along to whatever he said though she totally misinterpreted it for her own convenience lol.

Yuki wish to save Hinata was noble and all but it makes me mad that a character like her was begging desperately for our sympathy. And still Yuki doesn't get it why Yuno doesn't want him to make friends. I mean, come on now... haven't you realize how yandere she is yet? Just by making that wish, he already put Hinata in danger because there is absolutely no way Yuno gonna let it slide. So to save everyone, Yuki did what was expected of him.

I was totally laughing my ass off XD

So now basically they have all becomes friends and it was very disturbing to me that they are all okay with the fact that Hinata had just ordered the dogs to eat them alive a few minutes ago. But then again, they are all have no problem to become friends with Yuno who has showed them what she was capable of if they ever crossed her path. Again, logic and Mirai Nikki don't mixed.

By the way, Tenth accepted his defeat but before he died, he told Yuki to be wary of Fourth (who shot Tenth with a gunshot to the head). Heh, I knew it.

p/s: Apparently I was wrong in the previous episode. Deus didn't agree for a diary transfer to a third person as suggested by Hinata's dad, who is the Tenth.


So that was a bit of a twist. I thought the diary had been transferred as well. I guess 10th just handed it to his daughter but was still the owner.

it's because Hinata can used the diary that we think that way and tbh I want the both of them dead, which would have happened if Tenth did get permission to hand it to her. Too bad :(

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