19 April 2011

Super Junior Super Show 3

This entry is TL;DR and is long overdue. It is created as some sort of a diary for myself.

I went to one of the most expensive concerts I have ever been to exactly one month ago. You might probably remember me talking about it. I arrived at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil half and hour before 3pm which mean I have one and a half hour before the gate open. It was drizzling but that did not dampened my spirit. I was beyond stoked. The ELFs were busy giving out banners of their favorite SuJu members and some (like me) were busy getting the official merchandises. I bought few stuffs and some postcards for my sisters. I had to cap my budget otherwise I would have bought the whole damn set.

banners, towel, clear folder, light stick and postcards

Just like during buying the ticket, I made new friends with few ELFs that I met before we went into the stadium. I met a bunch of sisters with brought along their brother, two friends from KL, a couple from Singapore and a family from Indonesia. Some like Eunhyuk, some like Ryeowook but mostly they are either Donghae or Heechul's fans. Oh and also Kyuhyun. I looked for the three ELFs that helped me with the tix but didn't see them anywhere so I figured I'll met them in the stadium anyway since we were supposed to be seated together.

The gate only opened around 5pm. I went inside and took my seat. The stage was just like I imagined it to be thanks to the pictures of the previous SS3 I have seen before. We were entertained by two DJs before Super Junior took the central stage and the stadium was filled with girls squealing and screaming their lungs out. I sat in front of a bunch of girls who just love to scream and by the time the show ended, I think my hearing was impaired. They screamed for every single things, every single gestures from the boys. I do understand their fangasms but jeebus, it gave me headaches.

the stage

But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the show because I fucking did. I still wet my pantsu every now and then whenever I remember that night. The three hours show made me learned a few things about the boys and changed my perspective on some of the members as well.

Before the show my rank for SuJu members is as follow (b0nar #1 as fucking massive and b0nar #13 as least favorite):

  1. Kyuhyun (his voice is just angelic-like)
  2. Leetuk
  3. Heechul
  4. Donghae
  5. Eunhyuk
  6. Yesung
  7. Kangin
  8. Hangeng
  9. Siwon
  10. Kibum
  11. Ryeowook
  12. Sungmin
  13. Shindong

After the show, the rank got an overhauled though Kyuhyun is still at the top of the list simply because I saw their personalities and charms up-close. For example, I have always saw Sungmin as someone who is girly but that night he was macho as hell. Heechul is still the lazy ass that he is and only came out a couple of time. Fans still love him though and they went crazy every time he appeared. God damn he's charming. Henry is cute as fuck. His solo was... gah so MOE and he made me a fan. Siwon is not just good looks, he has good manners as well. Ryeowook is well... Ryeowook but he is just better in person. I can understand why (I assumed) Donghae has the biggest fan based in Malaysia though. He's one of the members who constantly made an effort to entertain his fans. Eunhyuk is just so hardworking. He didn't take shortcuts. When he performed, he went all out. Leetuk and his "apa khabar" definitely made the fans go wild. He's not as cute as I thought he is but damn he's hardworking as well. Yesung was splendid and very playful. I didn't expect that from him. He pretty much stole my heart that night and as for Shindong... he needs to watch his weight for his health's sake.

Here is the new rank.

  1. Kyuhyun
  2. Yeesung
  3. Eunhyuk
  4. Heechul
  5. Leetuk
  6. Donghae
  7. Siwon
  8. Kangin
  9. Sungmin
  10. Ryeowook
  11. Hangeng
  12. Kibum
  13. Shindong
The most memorable performance for me personally, and quite possibly the best performance of the night was when Yesung sang his song. The whole stadium sang along with him and since it was a beautiful song and was sang beautifully by Yesung, I can feel everyone feeling it. It gave me goosebumps all over.

These guys performed a total of 35 songs and one of the many things that impressed me was the fact that their energy level did not decline at all. It was 100% from start to finish (except for Heechul but we all know how he is so all is forgiven XD). I just wish they learn to better their English though. It was frustrating to listen to them making their speech but only understand few words here and there. Credits to Siwon though for being the translator most of the time. The songs:

  1. Sorry Sorry Remix
  2. Super Girl Remix
  3. Don’t Don (Remix)
  4. No Other
  5. Self Introduction – World VTR intros
  6. Confession
  7. Good Person
  8. Rokkugo
  9. One Fine Spring Day – Ryeowook with Sungmin on Guitar
  10. New Endless Love – Kyuhyun
  11. I Wanna Love You – Eunhyuk & Donghae
  12. Kiss Goodbye – Leeteuk
  13. Looking for the Day – Siwon
  14. Baby – Henry
  15. If You Leave – Sungmin
  16. Down – Eunhyuk
  17. VTR 2
  18. Ttok Ttok Ttok – Super Junior T
  19. You & I
  20. MC-1
  21. Song for you
  22. Ms. Chic – Zhou Mi solo
  23. Shake It Up (Remix)
  24. Twins (Remix)
  25. Hate U, Love U
  26. In My Dream – KRY + Donghae + Sungmin
  27. Rinaldo (Kangin Tribute)
  28. VTR 4
  29. All My Heart
  30. It Has To Be You – Yesung
  31. Perfection – Super Junior M
  32. VTR 5
  34. A Man In Love
  35. U (Rock remix)
  36. Dancing Out
  37. Encore – Cooking Cooking
  38. A Way for Love
  39. Wonder Boy
  40. MC2 – Ending
Super Show 3 was fucking awesome. They were so captivating and funny. Heechul also mentioned about Super Show 4 but I doubt he and Leetuk will be around since they will go to the mandatory national service either at the end of the year or early next year for two years. They also announced that they are working on their 5th album. I can't fucking wait for that.

The only regret I have was the fact that I forgot to bring my camera charger thus I only managed to snap a few pictures before the camera went dead on me. Thanks to Nurul, I managed to get few more pictures from her.

Super Junior has converts me into a fan with raging hormones. I feel like a teenager, squealing at every sight of them on TV. I can see now how they have (quite possibly) the biggest fanbase in the world (E.L.F). Some of the members have been together for almost ten years now. I applaud their sense of loyalty (except for Hangeng maybe?) and to the fans who stay with them since their debut days. May they have more success in the future and may Super Junior friendship spirits last.

I love them to bits *squeals*. For more of my pictures, click here.

the SuJu corner in my room =3


Love it! love suju!!! i really wanna go to ss4!! sadly no heechul oppa :-(

but there are 9 other Suju oppa there! I'll be going to SS4 Singapore this coming Feb 18. I am super stoke about it XD

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