07 December 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 8

One of the Future Diary holder wanted to be exempted by giving the diary to a third party, who will fight on his behalf. It seems like Deus granted his wish. Hmm, why do they have a meeting without Yuki and Yuno around?

But that's not important right now. What's important right now is the fact that Akise Aru has finally made an appearance. He's another weirdo in this show who I look forward to the most besides Yuno. You'll see why soon enough ;)

Akise Aru
(c) Inko

Yuki and Yuno are moving to a new school (because theirs were bombed by Ninth). As usual, Yuki was being a wimped worrying about making new friends instead of keeping himself alive. He keeps forgetting that he's in this life or death game and it feels like Yuno needs to kill to constantly reminds him of that. He worried for nothing though because the school's jerk Kousaka was in the same class as him and he wasted no time to rattle Yuki. He must be the luckiest wimp alive though because soon after Hinata (who looks like a brunette Yuno with shorter hair) came to his rescue, which he then embarrassed her in front of the whole class by pulling off her pantsu. But meh, she doesn't seemed to mind much. He quickly "made friends" with them both plus Mao, who looks like another psychopath.

They were warned about a serial killer that has been lurking around town. He killed his victim in a very gruesome way, and some might think that he might be eating them. The police aren't releasing any information regarding the case though it kind of seemed fishy since obviously you can determined who the killer is by those bite marks.

Yuki and his new friends decided to check out the crime scene. Yuno obviously wasn't happy and I wished she would have killed them then and there but she won't do it because that would make Yuki unhappy. Oh gosh >_>

But this is Mirai Nikki we are talking about. There must be some gruesome death in every episode and this episode wasn't an exception. Soon after I wish for her death, Hinata became the latest victim of the "serial killer" who turned out to be a group of man eating dogs which I assumed must belong to the Future Diary holder earlier in the episode.

The rest of them would have been eaten alive too if not for Aru who showed up and told them to run to the observation deck. There he reintroduced himself again and further raised Yuno's suspicious. She even suggested that they became the bait while she and Yuki save themselves. LOL the look on those faces were priceless.


By using Yuki's diary, they were saved but Yuki seriously doesn't used his head much, does he? He easily told the guys about his diary which further pissed Yuno off. I didn't blame her. At the end of the day, she was the one who has to do the dirty work of protecting him because guess what? Hinata wasn't dead. Those dogs belong to her family (it was her dad that was in the meeting) and Mao was her right hand bitch. She has the Breeder's Diary.

what's not to fap?

But she wasn't targetting Yuki's diary but Akise Aru's which makes me wonder, what kind of diary does he has? Kurusu has that Investigation Diary of his, so Aru couldn't have something similar, could he?

I wish my internet connection doesn't suck so much so that I can watch episode 9 of Mirai Nikki like NIAO. Unfortunately my internet connection does sucks which explained why am I so behind with all the episodes.

p/s: I'm envious or Murumuru


All this pictures are in the eighth episode? (Sorry, I'm french so my English is verrrryyyyy bad...)♡♥♡ ^_^

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