07 December 2011

Bleach: Chapter 476

Hah, so the fullbringers are all half hollow too? Sweet! But wait a minute. Won't this fight be too one sided? Ginjou has stole Ichigo's fullbring power so that makes him twice as strong than any other fullbringers/shinigamis. And then he has hollow power too? Can't wait to see what Ichigo will pull out of his magic hat this time around.

Ichigo wasn't the least impressed or affected by Ginjou's sudden declaration. If you think about it carefully, it kind of hilarious because of the lack of respond/reaction on Ichigo's part. I bet Ginjou thought that he would be cowering in fear or pissing in his pantsu. Obviously Ichigo was belittling Ginjou and man, that must be quite embarrassing for Ginjou.

What Ginjou expected didn't happen so he was pretty bewildered about it. He hated the fact that Ichigo tried to understand him instead of telling him that he was wrong. So after all those shit, this arc is about Ginjou's quest of trying to find himself.

I'm sure the fight would be pretty awesome when animated. Ichigo was very calm and looking oh so mighty fappable with that serious look on his face. He took Ginjou's attack LIKE A FUCKING BOSS! This fight sure was one sided but on a different person that what I said earlier. Ichigo totally pawned Ginjou.

jeebus that was hawt! *drools*

Mean while, the captain and shinigami were all gazing up to the sky and watched the fight in silence until Ginjou and Ichigo clashed zanpaktou. Then they suddenly thought that the show was far too boring for them and they didn't even get popcorn to munch so they decided to go back to Soul Society. After all, their objective has been completed, which was to see which side did Ichigo choose. It was all a precaution.

the fight is too boring. Let's go peeps and I want a refund!

Awww but don't leave just yet. I hate missing Rukia all over again. And it seemed like she too knew about this whole substitute shinigami bullshit (as far as I'm concern, Ichigo is a full-fledge shinigami). She obviously has faith in Ichigo, unlike the others but they don't know Ichigo like she knows him ;)

that was... nice :3

Well, at least Soul Society admitted that Ichigo changed. They should really be thankful to him, especially that old fuck Yamaji.

Whoa... this chapter was surprisingly good and quite a heart felt moment too (thanks to Rukia). Why can't Kubo produced something like this every week? It's not like he can't do it. He managed to do so in Soul Society arc which mean he was capable of it. Why did he let too many garbages ended up on his spread?

Also, now that we have gone this far, I truly hope that Riruka will stay hidden forever. I hate the possibility of the fight will be interrupted by Rurika. That would be too troublesome and not to mention, retarded as fuck since she's a fucking nobody.

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DAAMMNN So is Ginjou going to hollow mask on Ichigo? Probably not I think Ginjou lacks the training, or maybe he gained a shortcut thanks to Ichigo ahah still I can't freaking wait to see this animated <3

And the captains are basically like, ya were bored lets roll...And more cute Rukia! I love how they draw her hair in the manga it looks great.

if there's one thing about the anime that irks me, it's rukia's hair. They look ridiculous when she was supposed to look so effing cute. Anyhoo, I hope Ginjou is dead and this arc is over for real.

of course the fullbringers all have hollow aspects, just like Chad does, but it doesn't equate to masked bad assery without shinigami powers, I guess.

Ichigo hasn't pulled out his mask ever since he fought Aizen. Though Zangetsu merged with the hollow for their fight, he had said "I will tear out the source of your despair". Is it not possible that Ichigo has so utterly crushed his hollow as to have effectively killed it and devoured its power? I'd be glad to see that. The hollow made Ichigo such a wreck. I want the old bad ass Ichigo of Soul Society arc back.

but... but... Shirosaki is so hawt... uguuuu~

I loved the hollow in Soul Society, just as i loved kenpachi. Both characters quickly lost their charm by getting zero character development and yet still showing up all overpowered to make the fanboys orgasm. Most of all I just can't stand that cocky bastard making Ichigo look bad. Ichigo should be bad ass.

he only slapped some sense into Ichigo. Admit it, he needed some of that sometimes, especially when he's so conflicting.

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