16 December 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 11

I asked in the last episode why there were no signs of battle in that mansion of theirs (Kiritsugu) and Reiki told me that it was a huge mansion and only certain parts were in ruined. Just like he said, this episode showed us the parts of the mansion that was destroyed during the Kiritsugu versus Kayneth's battle. Now I gotta ask, just how freaking big the mansion is and apparently they don't have taste when decorating their house because every rooms pretty much look the same.

Kiritsugu was not present at the mansion and Rider took the opportunity to attack Saber and Irisviel. Hmm, what happened to the Church order of eliminating Caster first? No one listened to the old fart, that's what happened. Rider came wearing that shirt and jeans that he bought which mean he and Waver didn't come to fight but to drink instead. Huh?

Rider wanted to have a dialogue to discern who ranked the highest among the heroic spirit and thus prevent any unnecessary bloodshed. He must thought that he ranked the highest when I think if they wanted to determine who wins the war according to rank, then Gilgamesh would have won it. No competition. Speak of the devil, Gil dropped by. He received an invitation from Rider as well.

just how much hair gel is he wearing

Since the wine that Rider brought along was no good, Gil brought along his own excellent wine. All he needed to do was open the portal that houses his finest treasure and it was done. How fucking cool is that?

They continued the "dialogue". First they have to tell the others about the wish they want the Holy Grail to grant for them. Gil was adamant, saying that the Holy Grail was his to begin with. So he didn't have any wish but will not sit quietly when people want to steal it from him. To Gil, it was just a matter of principle.

As for Rider, his wish is for true incarnation, to be human again. I thought he really wish to conquer the world but I guess he loves this era way too much. I don't like the fact that he went back on his words. He came there to avoid bloodshed but when Gil told him that it was his, he didn't hesistate to go into battle.

that gotta hurt >=)

We already know what Saber's wish is: the salvation of her homeland, Britain, from destruction, which means she wanted to change the past. I have to wonder now though. Since she arrived in this era, surely she would have learned how Britain has flourish, prosper and is actually one of the dominant countries in the world and how that part of history she was in just made that country stronger? What else does she wants then? Rider has all the right not to recognize her as a king anymore.


While the two of them debate of what defined a king, Gil just sat there and listened quietly. Only after Rider had left that he spoke to Rider: saying that she was right and continued the path that she has chosen. I think he just need amusement and Saber provided just that.



She and the two Kings have very different views about offering. Saber wanted to sacrifice for her people but Rider and Gil thought that it was the other way around. Saber and Rider had quite a debate about this. I think that both of them were right to an extend. Everything should be done in moderation. Rider's words however were more convincing than Saber's weak conviction.

Their dialogue was interrupted by the Assassins, of whom Rider invited as wel. I thought that it was under Tokiomi's order (Gil wasn't pleased by the development at all. Well, he was right. It was cowardice if indeed Tokiomi sent them). They didn't come for a drink though which was a bad move.

Rider got serious and fuck me, he turned the whole place into a desert and he summoned his armies (who are heroic spirits too, which made them Servants as well), using Reality Marble (according to Irisviel - a mental image materialized into the real world) or his Noble Phantasm - Ionian Hetairoi. That was pretty impressive, not to mention powerful. I never took him seriously but now I have a new found respect for him.

I bet the Assassins were peeing in their pantsu but it's too late for them. RIP. I wonder if we have seen the last of Assassins...

double ouch

p/s: I want a Ionian Hetairoi too so I have endless supplies of well-chiseled guys at my disposal *licks lips*


Rider didn't change his mind. He still wants to conquer the world but he wants to do it with his own hands, not through a miracle of the Grail.
Arturia's Britain was conquered by the Anglo-Saxons. She couldn't care less for the current UK.

Actually, he still has restrictions as a Servant, that's why he wants to become human to conquer the world(besides the well... "feeling" to be human). And yeah, the Anglo-Saxons were King Arthur's enemies, iirc.

I'm done with my exams, but I'm still reallly busy right now, so I guess, I'll come back next week. ^_^

"p/s: I want a Ionian Hetairoi too so I have endless supplies of well-chiseled guys at my disposal *licks lips*"

Is it wrong for a fangirl to lust after manly Macedonian men from the Hellenic age? :O

Not that I could possibly understand this as a man... :>

Ah now I get it. I thought all he wanted was the freedom of being a human.

@Reed, you must think that I have a dick, right?

i wouldnt want ionian hetairoi, i would prefer gilgamesh's powers cause he beat riders noble phantasm and if saber wasnt the lead servant of the anbime, gilgamesh would have won hands down, even with her noble phantasm, gilgamesh's ultimate weapon is more than enough to make it look weak, but nooo, they just had to cheat for her

lol someone ain't happy. But yeah, I totally get you. The reason why I somewhat don't like Saber is because of the reason you stated. I don't see her as anything special at all but people seems to adore her like she actually is. I simply don't get it =|

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