15 December 2011

Bleach: Chapter 477

Kubo is very generous nowadays. He keeps giving up color spread almost every other weeks. Not that I'm complaining but he better make sure that he delivers in term of plot and story wise as well.

oh so his hair is white now...

And Ichigo didn't kill Ginjou when he cut him at the end of last chapter. I wonder if he even wounded by that cut because the fight just got more intense as they keep clashing their zanpaktous. Like few of us already noted, the fight will look so freaking bad ass when animated, that is if the production studio didn't get stingy with their budget.

Eventually Ginjou did fall as the loser. In his dying moments, Ginjou still managed to wonder if Ichigo be like him if their situation was reverse. I doubt it. Ichigo's soul is just so pure that he'll be who he is regardless.

But wait, a fucking twist! I was like.... "whoaaaaaaa" because I totally didn't see it coming. I thought Byakuya had dealt with Tsukishima accordingly but apparently he did a half ass job because Tsukishima was back and he wanted to stab Ichigo with that fullbring of his. OH FUCK! BAM! Looked who came to his rescue!!

I squeal with triumphant fist in the air. Look at Ichigo's face >=D

Don't worry though because apparently Rurika did hide inside of Rukia and it was her who was getting stabbed by Tsukishima who has no mercy towards his comrades. He was just so focused in killing Ichigo and saving Ginjou. Hmm, he really is fond of Ginjou huh?

The chapter was all good until Rurika sprout nonsense about Ichigo saving Ginjou. What the fuck was that? HE KILLED GINJOU damn it and I don't give a shit about that spiritual psychology shit that Rurika wanted us to believe because Ginjou was rotten and I don't want to give him my sympathy just because you fucking said so.

and the truth has been revealed. Tsukishima is Ginjou's boy toy

I really don't understand what was Kubo trying to do. Just let the villain be villain. You are degrading them as a character, Kubo. Stop it!

And with the death of Ginjou (I hope Rurika and Tsukishima will be dead too), this might be the end of this stupid pointless arc as well. We might see Ichigo getting back to his usual routines (this time with Rukia around) but before we forgot, Urahara was on the way to where they were at right? Lets see if Kubo forgot about that too, like he forgot about Grimmjow. Ichigo's friends and families need a memory alteration after all since Tsukishima is still alive which mean his fullbring power is still on.

Most of all, I want to see what the shinigamis are up to ^__^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I want the arc to wrap up quick, but this just wasn't a good way to end it... oh well, let's hope it'll be over in a few chapter or two so we can sweep it under the sofa and pretend it never happened.

who knows, maybe Kubo still has some tricks up his sleeves for this arc.

the fullbringer's motivations have never made an ounce of sense. in fact there's not really anything that's making as much sense as it should at this point. That said, I think you have an irrational hatred of Ginjou. You've hated him since you first layed eyes on him. It's hard for me to defend him since he's so illogical, but he hardly seems hateful.

Recent chapters have had echoes of the great Bleach days of old, but only echoes. It's as if Kubo realizes how horribly he'd messed things up and wants to change it but just can't find a way to salvage this train wreck. If bleach had not once been my favorite anime I'd probably have quit it by now, and certainly wouldn't give it more than a dozen or two more chapters to revive.

I hate Inoue but I don't really hate Ginjou. I'm just indifference towards him, or any other fullbring characters because I feel they served no purpose at all. It was Kubo trying to justify a filler as part of the arc >_>

I keep ranting at how bad things have become for Bleach but for the life of me, I just can't quit Bleach no matter what and I actually still doesn't want it to ever stop. I think I'm a masochist lol

it's not like it takes much time to read a chapter a week. i'll stick with it unless it gets significantly worse. i still haven't QUITE given up on the chance of it making a comeback.

same, deep inside of me, I wish that Kubo was just pulling our legs and is just planning on something that surpass even the SS arc. Well... I can dream, can't I?

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