08 December 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 10

I almost forgot that this episode featured Rin! Damn my internet connection for sucking so much. It takes forever to download anime episodes nowadays.

Rin was learning magic and then some from Tokiomi. She practiced with some crystal but kinda phailed. Tokiomi showed her the right way to do it was by controlling her mana. That was the first time I saw Tokiomi using magic. She naturally looked up and idolized her father. To an 8 year old, anyone who can do magic is considered awesome heh.

tsundere Rin is the cutest!

Her dad was sending her away from Fuyuki City to Zenjo in order to keep her safe from the Holy Grail War but Rin being Rin thought that she could have helped out her dad to win the war. She sneaked in the study to learn some magic by herself but almost got eaten by a book if his father didn’t come in time. This was how Tokiomi ended up giving her a mana compass to help her determined which stuff that has its own mana.

The disappearance of children in Fuyuki City affected Rin as well since her friends were involved. No doubt that it was all because of Caster and his Master. Since she was worrying about her friend Kotone, she ventured into the city alone at night. We all know that it was a dumb idea but this was Rin and that what makes her so endearing.

so awesome :3

However, the mana compass was useless because there were traces of magic everywhere but she managed to find Ryuunosuke with the children and thus she followed him. Without even thinking things through she charged in. I almost wanted to warn her to stop because what she would find eventually will change her as a person. But meh, that only applied to normal people. I’m not gonna lie though. I was freaking nervous watching her let herself inside that abandoned bar.

Thankfully she had to face Ryuunosuke first. If she met Caster right off the bat, we won’t be seeing her in Fate/Stay Night because she would become one of the tentacle monster. She tried to destroy the bracelet that controlling all the children but her magic wasn’t strong enough for that and oh boy wasn’t she something else? That was pretty slick. So she saved the day as well as those children.

But she made herself known to Caster because of that. The mana compass went haywire and she knew she was dealing with something beyond her ability. As usual, Caster sent out his tentacle monster to deal with the problem and every time I see them, it just makes my skin crawls all over with disgust. I sure don’t want to be Rin at that moment.

you looks like you had a stroke, Kariya

Thankfully Kariya was around to save her. I kind of want to bitch slap Aoi for her reaction when she saw the face of Kariya. Be thankful woman! That man sacrifices his life to save your child from being raped by the insects (though he was a tad too late for that). She seemed more concern about Kariya winning the war than the safety of Sakura because winning the war means that Kariya has to kill Tokiomi (and himself eventually). But of course I wasn’t being fair. I’m sure it’s hard for her to choose between her husband, her daughter and her childhood friend (but not really).

I was wondering why wasn’t Tokiomi or Kirei comes forth to help out Rin. Then it occurred to me that Tokiomi relied on Kirei to report everything and for Kirei the Holy Grail War comes first. So when Assassin asked if he should do something about Rin/Aoi, Kirei ordered him to tail Kariya instead. His priority was right even though the decision was pretty heartless. Or maybe he just didn’t know about it until Kariya came to Rin’s rescue. After all, I don’t think he has Assassin following Rin around. The Assassin was initially following Kariya and hence how he ended up with Rin. It would be interesting if he tells Gil instead of Tokiomi about Kariya’s resolve to win the war. It would be even more interesting if he kept it all to himself.

I am actually quite happy about this episode. I like watching Tokiomi with Rin. He sorts of became a different person. How should I put this… more warmth maybe? We kept seeing him doing nothing in almost every episode, just sitting there besides the gramophone ordering Kirei around. At least I know now that he’s quite capable himself. I know he’s from Tohsaka family and all that but seeing is believing, if you know what I mean.

Also, he obviously loves Rin but how could he has the heart to send Sakura away even though he knew what would become of her daughter?

and Sakura isn't?

p/s: I skipped the preview for next episode.


Three out of five exams done! I'll comment on the episodes 9 and 10 tomorrow after some sleep and school. Brb in about... 12-14 hours. ^_^

yay 2 more to go! and don't worry about the comment. you oughta focus on your exam first :)

No need to worry. I'll write them next thursday and friday(that basically means, I'll be missing next week again). I've got a lot of time left. Besides, the first three exams were the most difficult ones. ;)

Episode 9:

It was nice to see Lancer's past, similar to the novel. However, that part was longer, I presume, most of the people don't quite understand his past yet. Here's a short summary:

Grainne misunderstood the situation and agreed to marry Fionn(as she thought, the one she is supposed to marry is Oisin, Fionn's son he sent to propose to her). The versions differ, but she somehow met Diarmuid and was charmed by his mole. On the day of her wedding, she tricked Diarmuid and casted a geis on him(this is also just another version, some versions say, Diarmuid willingly accepted the geis) and as the geis is stronger(or better: more honorable, he would have died if he hadn't obeyed her) than to serve Fionn, he fled with her.

Enraged, Fionn sent his knights of Fianna to hunt down Diarmuid and only his brothers helped him on his escape. So Diarmuid was forced to kill thousands of his old comrades. Over the time, he feared, the effect of the curse would eventually lead to doubts on Grainne's side, but she casted off her pride as princess and her future for her love, which eventually made Diarmuid love Grainne. They married and got children and after a few years, he got help from his foster father Oengus. The negotiations eventually made Fionn accept the marriage, he gave Diarmuid a proper title and land and welcomed them back.

One day, Fionn, still hating Diarmuid, casted a geis on a wild boar, so the boar would kill its killer with it. Fionn and Diarmuid went hunting and Diarmuid killed that boar. As he got a fatal wound from that boar, it was up to Fionn's mercy to let Diarmuid live, as water that runs through Fionn's hands can heal mortal wounds and the next lake was only a few steps away. However, Fionn spilled the water purposely 2 times and by the third time, Diarmuid had already passed away.

You could say, Lancer didn't really do anything too heroic, so one might ask why he is actually a heroic spirit. Well, it's the people who make you a legend and it was probably because of the tragic love of him and Grainne, his honor and the fact, that he never resented anyone, neither Grainne, nor Fionn, that eventually made him a legendary "hero".

He just thought it was such a cruel fate and accepted it. Now, that he has been summoned, he sees a new chance to restore the honor and pride he lost through his first life. That is Lancer's true only goal and wish. Bring victory to his lord, never betraying and only serving him.

So now let's go on to Sola. As you already know, I hate Sola a LOT, so that is really just my own opinion.

Sola was not the first child, the heir of the Sophia-Ri family. So her only value was a political pawn of her father, to strengthen the bonds between the noble families. She pretty much gave up her life, as she has no control over her life. Her position was probably worse compared to Grainne as she didn't have a choice to accept the marriage between her and Kayneth. To be precise, she was never able to make a choice on her own, as she does not inherit the Magic Crest of her family. However, Kayneth was probably her chance to live a more free life, as he really does love her and probably would have accepted her opinion(even though I'm not sure who exactly proposed the marriage. But I think it was Sola's father as he is Kayneth's teacher and saw how powerful he is.). Also, she had a choice to become a skilled magus, since she's blessed with talent and compared to Sakura's life, she got lucky. Doesn't change the fact that she doesn't love Kayneth though, there might be even hatred involved.

When Sola-Ui saw Lancer the first time, she felt something she has never felt before: infatuation. The first time she actually thinks she lives, so it's understandable why she (probably) lowered her resistance against Lancer's curse. Many believe she did because this curse is so weak, someone like her or any trained average magus should easily be able to resist the curse.

Now you might ask why she exactly saved Kayneth then. Easy, because Lancer asked her to save Kayneth. Had she not saved him, the contract and the command spells would have disappeared and Lancer with them. And as Lancer only serves one lord, he wouldn't have accepted her as his new Master. She also could have just ripped off Kayneth's arm to obtain the Command Spells, but I'm pretty sure, as Lancer can feel when danger approaches his Master, he would no longer have trusted Sola.

From a rational view, what Sola does is reasonable. Kayneth is now useless and as she can move freely and is able to use magecraft, she is more suitable as a Master. Kayneth only refuses to her because(if he just assumes, Lancer didn't lie when he asked him what he wants from the Holy Grail and Lancer answered he wants nothing) he fears Lancer's true goal is seducing his fiancee.

That's actually funny, as he makes the same mistake Fionn made and assumes, Lancer is the seducer, not the other way(yeah, yeah... jealousy is a terrible characteristic). Also, as he has lost all his magic circuits, the Command Spells are the last trait of him being a Master. So Kayneth acts really childish, if you want to say it like that, but his basic idea is correct. He can't trust Sola and she surprisingly changed her attitude ver fast, after Kayneth refused.

Now her lying to Lancer and obtaining the Command Spells had only one purpose. If Lancer fights on, she can prolong her time with him (and I assume she would have used thhe spells to "make him love her", though I doubt such a command would even work... geis <-> Command Spell parallels? :p). And that is another reason why I don't like her. She makes the same mistakes she had experienced before, ignoring the feelings of the person she loves, only doing whatever she does for her own selfish reasons.

Many of Fate/Zero's problems and conflicts are based on misunderstandings. For instance, if Kayneth had talked to Lancer about his doubts and Diarmuid's past life, Lancer would have made countermeasures against Sola's approaches. That would easily have solved the problem and Kayneth's jealousy would have been eliminated.

I am actually wondering who made Sola come along to Fuyuki. Was it Kayneth or was it her family? Because I actually think Sola was forced to come along(as Kayneth wouldn't have wanted Sola to come to such a dangerous place. He expected some strong magi like the three founding families) and Kayneth came up with the plan to make Sola help him. Or maybe he just thought, she would have been save if he lets her stay in his workshop, as it was well protected(for a magus at least... blowing up the building was totally unexpected ;D)

So, about the rest of episode 9:

There is an interesting fact Waver noticed, when he and Rider entered Caster's hideout. Normally(as Waver already pointed out), Caster is the Servant with the strongest territory, they make dangerous ateliers/workshops to defend their base(similar to what Kayneth did. The name of this skill is Territory Creation.) However, Rider was easily able to rampage through Caster's "defensive measures", which made Waver think that Caster is not a true magus(and he is actually right. Caster's strongest and only weapon is the spellbook).

Generally, I don't like censoring for seinen anime(Fate/zero is aired midnight in Japan), especially if it's plot relevant. As mentioned before, magi are prepared to face death anytime. Waver was already prepared to see some corpses, but what he saw was totally unexpected.

To quote the novel:

"As an illustration, that place was just like a variety shop.

There were furniture. There were clothes as well. Musical instruments; cutlery. Various items uses of which were not understood at all; they probably were just pictures or artworks. The enthusiasm of the creator devoting himself completely into designing them diligently, and his profligate sense of fun could be perceived.

Unmistakably, the craftsman who made these ceaselessly loved his raw materials, and the manufacturing process itself.

They understood that there was someone who violently discovered pleasures. That might be the person who committed those murders. But the things in this blood-stained space were not corpses.

There wasn't a single “destroyed remains” here. Everything was a new creation; an art. Their lives as “human beings”, their carcass as “human beings” were completely discarded meaninglessly during the process of the art―that was the entirety of the slaughter at that place.

Murders which were done creatively to amuse himself; this behavior which created art by means of death, had far exceeded the maximum level Waver's mind could possibly take. Above simple emotions like horror and disgust, at such a graphically realistic and alarming shock, Waver could not even stand straight. Before he realized, he was already on the bloodstained floor on both his hands and knees, regurgitating all the contents of his stomach."

Here's an example(of the Fate/zero tribute arts artbook) of what a part of their hideout could have looked like:

So this is actually a scene that helps Waver mature a lot, as he sees with his own eyes how cruel and disturbing the world of the magi can be. It also improves his relationship with Rider because Rider doesn't know anything about the reward of killing Caster first, so he assumed Waver taking the initiative was a good decision Waver made.

Now the Assassin attacked Waver out of self-initiative. They only had the task to investigate Caster's lair(as they already found it in episode 6 or so, but they feared it was made out of deathly traps, until Rider rode inside). Thought it was a good chance, and Kirei would not be angry if they could take out Rider immediately. As they were discovered and stand no chance against Rider because of their weakness, they flee.

Rider and Waver also destroy Caster's hideout out of mercy, as some of the mutilated victims are still breathing(note: they don't say "alive", it's also impossible to save them in their condition).

Kirei and Tokiomi now assume Waver is an amateur because of his reactions. When he saw the "art" and cried, maybe also because of his age and his reaction towards Assassin's attack. I don't remember it quite well, but I think this scene was new.

About Kiritsugu and Saber: Another new added scene. It points out Kiritsugu's thoughts when Lancer appeared before him in episode 8. As Urobutchi already mentioned it, he uses Iri as a bridge between Kiritsugu and Saber. Quite disappointing that Saber trusts an enemy Servant more than her Master, but I already gave my two cents about it in your ep8 review. ^_^

"Back at Kiritsugu's place, somehow there was no sign that a battle was fought there. Everything was back to normal which kinda... illogical? Even the dining room where Kayneth first caught up with Kiritsugu looked unscathed. Did I miss something?"

You did miss something. It's a BIG castle. There is more than one dining room and Kayneth didn't destroy the whole castle. :p

Btw, Lancer is not the only one who does not need the Holy Grail and only wants to fight. FSN-Lancer has similar reasons as he declared in the Fate route to Gilgamesh (http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7752/69520803.jpg). That's why there is a funny meme about Lancers in the Fate-verse.

"Being Lancer is suffering."

It has something to do with the fact that not only their Luck parameter is rank E, they also died in their past in a horrible way and are always stuck with the worst Masters possible. Now, Zero-Lancer's substitute Master is an combat-inexperienced bitch(excuse me) who reminds him of his painful past.

Generally, most of the Servants do not have an objective in the Holy Grail Wars. Saber is one of the few exceptions. FSN-Archer teaches Shirou a lesson about the Servants in Unlimited Blade Works (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gfXPbi23rs).

Done with episode 9, now to 10. ^^

There isn't really much I have to say about this episode because ufotable extended this part from the novel extremely. To sum up what happened to Rin in the novel in about 5 pages:

Kotone is missing, I'll search for her in Fuyuki! Omg, she might be dead, I can't find her, I'm so useless in this war! What the hell, tentacle monster! Omg, now even bugs! And who is that sad face I'm seeing...? *goes unconscious*

Uh... yeah, that's basically it. I guess, ufotable HAD to expand this part because you can't explain everything in just about 5 minutes. Not that I'm against that, but somehow it left a bitter aftertaste, as it changed the meaning of Rin's recklessness in this episode. Rin didn't save anyone(and never met Ryuunosuke or Kotone), that's the impact she gets, realizing how dangerous this war is and that she is totally useless.

Also, ufotable seemed to use a lot of the budget for this episode, as the animation was on KnK level and I fear they don't have enough budget left for other cool scenes, since many considered this episode to be more like a filler one. However, it shows Rin's true character. She hasn't changed much (on the inside) in FSN. However, many should notice that she takes a magus's business way more seriously and has become more cynical and confronts people with(for some people arrogant) logic. Something she probably learned from Kirei, her mentor.

Sidenote: The Zenjous are Aoi's family. Her name was Zenjou Aoi, before she married Tokiomi. Oh, and I found the the German the book spoke hilarious. It would be probably cool to hear it, if I didn't understand German. :( No matter, the pronounciation was absolutely fine(I basically knew what the book was saying, that's all that matters). Maybe they hired Tetsuya Kakihara for it(male Seiyuu who was born in Duesseldorf, Germany)?;D

I didn't understand what Caster's monster was actually doing there. If Caster had been present, Rin really would have died already. And thank goodness, Kariya saved her with his bugs. His body is full of bugs, he can spit them out and control them as familiars.

And now to the whole point of "Rin's adventure". As I've said before, this scene was actually really short. And the whole purpose of all of this was for Kariya meeting Aoi.

I actually had an argument with some people who declared Aoi as a terrible mother and when I defended her. But just so you know first: I don't like passiveness, either. She acts too much like a "Yamato Nadeshiko" and like a magus's wife, never questioning her husband.

However, she is absolutely confused at the moment she met Kariya. First of all, Rin was missing, her "only" child.
Second, her childhood friend Kariya and her husband Tokiomi will try to kill each other. She understands that because she knows, that's basically the point of the Holy Grail WAR.
Third, and now comes the most important part, she didn't know Sakura's condition. And neither did Tokiomi I presume. And now a crippled Kariya comes and tells her about the magecraft of the Matou family, how Sakura suffers, despairs, how unhappy she is and that he wants to win the War so Sakura won't end up like him.

Because before they met, Aoi trusted her husband and assumed that Sakura won't be that unhappy, besides missing her old family. She thought Sakura is in good hands and safe. Kariya is disturbing her right now, she can't apprehend the situation and can only think about what she understands. That Kariya and Tokiomi will try to kill each other. She does not understand that Kariya is risking his life to save her daughter.

Tokiomi is playing save, he is a true magus. While he supervises Fuyuki, that doesn't mean he has to take care of all the residents of him. He wants to win this war, so staying vigilant is a reasonable tactic. Magi are not bound by the laws of the world, they only follow one rule: to not expose magic to the rest of the world. As long as this condition is fulfilled, the Magic Association doesn't care about what other magi do. That's why most of Kiritsugu's action are tolerated. He's using modern weapons, so people just assume terrorists attack or something similar happened. No one would suspect magic.

Kirei doesn't care about the Grail. He actually already disobeyed Tokiomi a few times, as he went out to see Kiritsugu even though he is supposed to stay in the church and let the Assassins to all the work. This is the second important reason of Kariya meeting Aoi. Kirei is interested in the Masters' motives(as Gil suggested in episode idontknowanymorewhen) and Kariya is an interesting subject. There was actually a lot more focus on Kirei's reaction when he saw Kariya, that was kinda left out. However, keep in mind that Kariya will be Kirei's second most important target.

As for why Tokiomi gave Sakura away... One thing to keep in mind. He's not doing it out of kindness towards the Matous. Do not forget that, whatever he will say to Kariya to justify what he did: Do NOT believe him. That might be one of his reasons as a magus, but he also had other thoughts in mind.

Urobutchi is making contrasts between the Masters(except for Ryuunosuke) for development in the story. Kayneth and Waver, Kirei and Kiritsugu and Tokiomi and Kariya. They are all foils, counterparts of each other. It's easy to sympathize with Kariya and hate Tokiomi, that is absolutely working-as-intended.

This is actually another interesting fact. Kariya didn't really hate Tokiomi. Remember episode 1 when Kariya asked Aoi something like "Are you fine with this?". He asked her the same question on her wedding day and she wholeheartedly said yes. That's why he accepted her marriage peacefully and loved her children as if they were his own. And now he learned, Tokiomi, that lucky bastard, treats his family like dirt. He now sees Tokiomi as the cause of all his, Aoi's(and her children's) unhappiness.

I guess, Tokiomi could have solved his dilemma in a better way, especially if Kariya had picked up the path of the magus. Don't forget, most of the conflicts are based on misunderstandings. And also, Tokiomi made horribly wrong decisions, totally miscalculating a lot of things.

Then he would have been responsible for Sakura and would have taken care of her, as he can teach her magecraft. Just another sidenote: Sakura is obviously more suited to the Tohsaka-magecraft(jewel/crystal magecraft etc.). Learning some other family's magecraft and changing her affinity in that process is very painful for her.

Last section: Today I'm gonna say something(very short) about Noble Phantasms! ;D

I guess, I don't need to explain, a NP is something like a treasure that represents the heroic spirit. Now similar to the parameters Luck, Agility, Mana, Strength and Endurance, NPs are given ranks.

Rank Value + ++ +++
A 50 100 150 200
B 40 80 120 160
C 30 60 90 120
D 20 40 60 80
E 10 20 30 40

-For Noble Phantasms and skills, + modifiers represent the capacity of a temporary boost of power if certain conditions are met. + means a two-times increase, ++ a three-times increase and +++ a four-times increase.
-An A++ Rank Noble Phantasm is said to be a mystery on the level of Divine Spirits.
-A C Rank Noble Phantasm is equivalent in power to an A Rank normal attack.
-An A Rank Magecraft is already on the level of High-Thaumaturgy. Magecraft of A+ Rank is said to be almost at the level of Magic
-An EX Rank represents a value that cannot be quantified under the rules shown above.

The mana you need for a NP depends on the scale. For instance, FSN-Lancer's Gae Bolg can be used about 7 times without regenerating your mana. Excalibur as it's A++, can only be used one time, maybe two times.

Also, you differentiate between types of NPs. There are Anti-Unit(1-2 targets), Anti-Army(up to 50 targets, maximum targets I know are 1000; a lot more range) and other kinds of types, but those two are the most used and known types. Avalon for example is (obviously) a barrier type. Rule Breaker is an Anti-Thaumaturgy/Anti-Unit type and for whatever reason, Excalibur is an Anti-Fortress type(even though the max. targets are also 1000, probably because it's like a ki blast from dragonball z xD).

Gil is considered the strongest Servant, as Gate of Babylon's mana costs are ridiculous(you only need mana to open the Gate). The rank of this NP depends on how wealthy the owner was and as Gil possessed everything(blades, bombs, heck, even WINE) in his life, the rank is EX. Berserker wouldn't have standed a chance, if Gil had used the magic bombs he possesses in GoB, as Berserker can't throw them back.

Also, Gil possesses Ea, the Anti-WORLD Noble Phantasm. It rips worlds and dimensions apart, that's why Gil could win the war in one night. Both GoB and Ea are on an EX level and only Avalon(as it's also rank EX and gives the user total isolation) could block it. If you want to know more about the Servants' parameters in FSN, check this video(and part two of it) out:


That's also one of the reasons why I think Lancer sucks in battles. Both his lances are anti-unit NPs, so he's only suited for one-on-one fights and at a disadvantage against ranged fighters. It's a miracle anyway to have more than one NP, so basically nearly all of the Servants(except for Caster, but his spellbook is rank A+) in this war are extraordinary.

Hm, I think I already explained all of Berserker's NPs and Saber does not have Avalon in this war, so it's only Invisible Air and Excalibur.

Rider's chariot "Gordius Wheel" is an A+ anti-army NP. He has another one which I won't spoil(as well as Assassin's NP) as you'll see it soon enough. Let's just say, it's freakin awesome. Guess, what it is... :p

Aaaand that's it for this week. As I've already said, I'll be missing next week, so we'll see us again in about two weeks. ^^ Enjoy the last great scene(and my favorite one in the first two volumes; it will conclude volume 2 out of 4) of this year's cours, the Mad Feast of the Kings. ;)

Last comment: The parameter video might spoil details about the FSN routes, so watch with caution if you're not interested in it.

Sigh... forgot something again...

"Then he would have been responsible for Sakura and would have taken care of her, as he can teach her magecraft."

"He" refers to Kariya, not Tokiomi.

"Miracle" is a word I shouldn't use too often, as miracles stand for "Magic". Let's just leave it at that, that having more than one Noble Phantasm is extremely rare and is usually just another proof for the worth of that heroic spirit.

Thank you for the summary on Lancer. I saw bits of it and read some at Wiki but your summary is way better than them heh. I now have a clearer picture as to why Lancer acted the way he did in Fate/Zero – unconditional loyalty to his Master. This also makes me dislike Grainne just like I dislike Sola. Like you said, Sola, Kayneth and Lancer need to learn to communicate better and this stupid drama can be avoided. Also, I think maybe it’s the family who suggested Sola to come. If it was Kayneth’s idea, I think she would have rejected it. Like you said, she never makes a choice of her own before. I am honestly not looking forward to see her ordering Lancer around. That just pains me. Imagined how Kayneth would have felt…

Reading that quote from the novel and then saw that fanart you provided, it was sick indeed and it is only natural that Waver gag and what not. Just like Rider said, if he wasn’t affected by what he saw, then he is definitely lacking something as a human being. I didn’t know that the victims were still breathing. That was beyond cruel… and I’m glad that censored it. I won’t be able to look at it otherwise.

The Servants, after listening to what Archer said to Shirou in Unlimited Blade Works (by the way, that’s the first time I ever saw a PC visual novel by Typemoon. I didn’t even know it exist Orz), are pretty lonely Heroic Spirits. They were called forth not on their own will and whatever deeds they do; they won’t be recognized for it.

Now for episode 10:

I lol’d hard at your summary. I guess you weren’t so fond of Rin? Or anything that deviate so far from the original novel? As a Rin fan, I was pleased but I too think that it kinda dumb. A kid that old shouldn’t be wandering around time alone, no matter how strong of a magus family she comes from. I think the fact that she escaped and “saved” the kids from Ryuunosuke was bullshit too. That dude has killed (or makes arts) of countless children (and adults alike) so it kinda didn’t make sense that she can defeat him that easily. I mean, he could have grabbed her head while she held his bangle like that and slammed it to a hard surface (like the wall for example though he prefer not to “destroy” his specimen).

As for Kariya and Aoi, I took everything at face value and if the episode was really about these two, then compressing it in just 5 minutes was a bad idea because for someone who doesn’t play the game or has little knowledge about Typemoon Fate-verse, how else am I supposed to take the information? So the same thing applied to Aoi and Tokiomi as well: communicate goddammit! I have yet to see these two talk to each other (or maybe they weren’t as close as Kiritsugu/Irisviel?). I am still wondering why the hell Tokiomi gave Sakura away to the old fart. I guess I just have to wait to find out, huh?

“Last section: Today I'm gonna say something(very short) about Noble Phantasms! ;D”

lol’d I love you for being so enthusiastic about this. You are making me feel the same way too \(^_^)/

As usual, it was pretty confusing for me the first time I read it (except on Gil’s part, go figure) so I had to read it several time to get the gist of it all. It was still confusing but I’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure. As for Rider’s Noble Phantasm… don’t tell me it’s his loin cloth :P

And that’s all I got at the top of my head. Good luck again for your next final two papers. See you in two weeks and hopefully things will just get better from here on and your fear that Ufotable don’t have enough budget for the rest of the cool sequences won’t become a reality.

p/s: Learning that Kirei was Rin’s mentor, it totally boost my fanaticism towards Kirei. I also skipped the parameter because I don’t want to be spoiled.

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