24 November 2011

Working'!!: Episode 8

Takanashi was depressed again when he noticed that Nazuna has exceeded his height. In order to compensate, he asked Poplar to be his little sister which she quickly declined but of course she can't resisted Takanashi's charm especially when he begged so there you go, she will be Takanashi's sister for a day. Comes tomorrow, she'll goes back to being the girl that he most likely want for a daughter lol. Takanashi sure is screwed up lmao.

welcome to reality :D

Damn it. I can't stop laughing. He sure knows how to entertain us, no? and I doubt that a day off would do him any good, Kyoko. He's beyond help at this point lol. But yeah I love the fact that the people he works with all care for him. I would love working in that kind of environment.

Inami has always been envious of Poplar since Takanashi always telling her how cute she is. For someone who has a crush on Takanashi, it is only natural for her to be wanted to be called cute by Takanashi as well but let face it, that wouldn't happen any time soon, or so I thought. Souma used this chance to creep Inami out by acting like a stalker. lol I gotta say that it fits him to a T.

Interestingly Inami was willing to let Souma help her gets that compliment she seeked. Oh Inami, you are so innocent like that. No matter what she tried though, it's not working except when she showed Takanashi her baby picture which Souma conveniently has in his locker lol. But who cares about the method right? It's the result that matters and Inami can't be more thankful. She even recorded it and have it on repeat! lol now who is the creepy one?

This presented another opportunity for Souma to psycho Takanashi when he was curious to whom Inami talked to. Well, Souma wasn't exactly lying when he said she was talking to the person she likes, was he?

And cue Kirio! Oh hell yeah, things are definitely getting interesting in this episode!

the face of a jealous man

And so the confrontation begun. Surprisingly Takanashi can defeat Kirio in a match quite easily. This is definitely the other side of Takanashi that we never see. Hmm, this left me wondering. If he is so good at defending himself, why did he let Inami punches him? He could have stopped it like Kirio did, right?

Anyhoo, Kirio searched the premise for his sister but he just got on everybody's nerves (except Inami's that is). Souma who found this amusing, sent Yamada out on purpose to buy the Shanbalileh. He obviously made that one up as well.

I wonder why he did that though? I guess he liked the fact that Yamada wanted him as her older brother? Or maybe he just wanted Kirio to keep coming back to annoy the people he works with. Yeah, I'm sure it's the latter. Or is it?

He kept sending Yamada on errand whenever Kirio stopped by and even offered to carry her bags when she wanted to go out. But I guess he knew the truth that Yamada is indeed Kirio's sister. He just mentioned Kiri- and Yamada was a nervous wreck. Souma and his instinct are a force that to be reckoned, don't you think? And he is surprisingly nice if he wants to be so.

definitely looks like it but not it a romantic way

And it seemed like Yamada ran away from home has something to do with her mother? I can't wait to see what Souma is up to and what other information he can dig around. Suddenly Working isn't just about Inami and Takanashi anymore and for some reason it makes me nervous but in a totally good way.

Also, I was actually glad that Souma still has picture of Kotori. I kinda missed it from last season but I am also glad that Takanashi doesn't have to cross-dressing again to be with Inami.

Working, you have outdone yourself once again. Just how did you do it?


I don't know if Soma was being nice or not by not letting Yamada meet his sister. He doesn't want him to disturb his sister's peaceful time she has or he's just being mean. It's one of those.

Regarding Souma: There is a great song by Goldfrapp, called "Some People", that goes in part, "Some people just wanna play; They get a kick when it's all messed up." I think that explains Souma's motivation for keeping the Yamadas separated.

I'm with joojoobees with this one and that is exactly why Souma is that good of a character. The fact that he instinctively can tell that Kirio was going to be at the mall, and the perfect timing call he made to Inami are the proves.

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