24 November 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 7

Yuta gets confessed to! For some reason I'm not happy about this. In fact I am quite mad. But ignore me please. I just want these boys all to myself lol

Yuta doesn't say a word about the confession to any of the boys though and they are dying to know about it but they can't say that they knew because that would exposed the fact that they were spying on him. Little did the know that he already knew and why he keeps a straight face about it as if nothing happened. He knows the curiosity will get to them sooner rather than later anyway.

(c) Inojita Mukamo

Yuta starts acting like he normally wouldn't. For example, I don't think Yuta and Yuuki ever go home from school separately but after the confession, he did. This just makes them suspect that he accepted Takahashi-san and now has a girlfriend. I can see that they are not particularly happy with the development and I can understand why. We all have gone through that stage (well, at least when you are my age, you will have) where our friends got married one by one and you ended up with no one to hang out with. It is sort of a nasty feelings to be honest. It feels like some bitch/asshole robbed you of your friendship.

Naturally the four of them stalk Yuta on his after-school date. I was surprised that Yuta actually entertained Takahashi-san. Lets just hope that he doesn't give her false hope or anything because that would be too cruel for a joke. Ah damn, this reminds me of my crush.

Hmm... moving on.

Yuta going on a date is affecting Yuuki more than he wants to admit. They are always together after all and he always tells Yuta everything but when Yuta keeps quiet about this, I can only imagine how he feels. I actually feels for the both of them and how can I not?

Turns out Yuta is only protecting Takahashi-san from the humilation that she will be subjected to if she gets rejected. Her friends are bitches after all. Ah damn, now I want a boyfriend like Yuta. I crave for him!

and why the fuck am I crying anyway when he shows affection towards Takahashi-san? Why the fuck does it hurt so much? Crap, this is no longer about thi show. This is about my life, isn't it? Kimi to Boku kinda reminds me of the heart-aches. For some reason it suddenly feels too lonely and quiet in this apartment of mine T__T

Juices tastes different from a cup than from a can. Maybe it's the ice. Maybe it's the straw. Or maybe it's just my imagination. But the biggest reason is because of this sound.

Why do I feel that Takahashi sort of grew on Yuta. I read between the line and I thought that Yuta was actually referring to her when he mentioned about the CD. And what were all those scenes in the train? That sort of confirms it, or am I taking this too far?

Yet again I feel like someone stole my best friend T__T


wow,your site has changed !!!!

It is a blast now !


heh yeah I'm having lot of fun revamping it. Where have you been?

you know im glad nothing happened with them i <3 yuta :D

I know exactly how you feel. I want them twin all to myself

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