23 November 2011

Bleach: Chapter 474

Yay, a color spread of Rukia! lol I'm easily pleased when it comes to Bleach, aren't I?

those eyes indeed :D

But lets not get distracted and focuses on this chapter. Isshin and Urahara have done healing Inoue and Chad and now Urahara is heading towards where the fight is. Looks like these two knew who is it the enemy that Ginjou was talking about in the last chapter.

I actually like the title of this chapter: beLIEve with a capital LIE. I have said countless times before that Ichigo was being used by Soul Society and I won't be surprised if they are who Ginjou was referring to as the enemy. I mean, he was an ex-substiture shinigami too. He must have known a thing or two about the shit he's talking about.

And guess what? I was spot on.

So basically the badge is the homing and monitoring device. When Ginjou revealed who the man behind the scheme, I have to be honest, I was a tad bit surprised.

He looks so innocent, doesn't he? And I still believe that he is a good captain despite it all simply because, I would have killed my minion too if they rebelled against me lmao. In a way, it is bad news since Rukia is from the 13th Division and now is a fukutaicho. I don't want him thinking that she is an enemy too T__T

As always, Ichigo is easily affected by words. He seriously needs to learn to strengthen his resolves. It wouldn't matter what other says as long as he believe in what he's doing right? I mean, we have gone through this same shit with Aizen before. I hope he has learned his lesson. But then again, he must have feel betrayed by all the shinigami that he knew :(

uh oh, he's pissed...

oh well, things would definitely gets more interesting from here on whats with Urahara coming. Things can go either way with Ichigo but at the end of the day, we all knew that Ichigo and Soul Society will make up and Ginjou will be defeated. It's the process that we are interested it. Also, don't forget about Rurika/Rukia who is still a threat to the other shinigami around her at the moment.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


This chapter was the best chapter in a long time. It didn't seemed rushed but kept you on your toes.

Plus, the first thing I saw was Rukia's color spread! That made me smile. (:

I was less critical of this chapter /because/ of the color spread lol but yeah, any development is good at this point for Bleach

I can't really see Ichigo turning against the whole shinigami contingent. Let see if Kubo will really toss Ukitake under the bus though.

Btw, I like the new, brighter look of the blog.

I can't see Ukitake as being the villain. If anything he must have acted under order of the old fuck or the Central 46

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