18 November 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 6

With Yuki ending episode 5 in high note, I am looking forward to episode 6 and see if he truly has changed for the better lol but I am sure it is hard for him when Yuno fucking break in into his house. I would probably be terrified myself lol


It's going to be even more disastrous now that his mother, Amano Rea, suddenly decides to go home. Unlike a normal mother, she is very chummy with Yuki and this can't possibly bode well when Yuno is around heh. But I misunderstood Yuno. She is actually trying to impress Yuno's mom. I forgot that her diary is all about Yuki so she probably knew his mother is coming home today and thus she prepares dinner and cleans up the house.

Rea quickly warms up to Yuno. Then again, she doesn't have a clue what Yuno is capable of. I am more surprise by the fact that Yuno can tolerate Rea for being so close with Yuki. If she supposedly killed off her parent, then this sort of behavior is definitely questionable. Hmm... what are you up to Yuno?


In fact, Rea just might save her own life without her knowing it by accepting Yuno with opens arms for she actually brought all kind of tools if Yuki's mother is resisting even a little bit. Heh, that's more like the Yuno we all know.


By the way, Ninth gets herself a fake eye made (but she still wears the eye-patch). The children at the hospital where she was at were the children from the Sacred Eye cult whose parent was killed by Yuno. The police report and the news said that the cult's followers did a mass suicide and everyone believes them but the children knew better since they were present at the scene of the crime.

It just so happened that one of the deceased was Rea's friend so she had to take care of his/her child. Oh shit, Ninth said earlier that one of the kid has revenge on his mind and I'm pretty sure Yuki and Yuno will get stuck with that kid whose name is Houjou Reisuke. Like I expected, he tries hard to kill Yuno but he is still too young for that. Yuno easily avoid his "accidental" attack. The truth is, this kid has his own Picture Diary and if Yuno is about Yuki then Reiko is all about Yuno.

no wonder he's traumatic. A boy shouldn't be dressed like that
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Wish I could watch the episode myself, but with my ISP throttling for no apparent reason, I'm just reading along with the manga.
Entertaining summary, nevertheless. Anything Yuno makes my day.

Sorry that you couldn't watch the anime because I personally think that it is a great adaptation. Nothing beats seeing Yuno in action. Oh well, at least you keep up with the manga

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