18 November 2011

Working'!!: Episode 7

There is a molester about town and Inami's friends want her to take the back road where the molester seems to frequent just so that she can punch the shit out of them. lol I love how considerate her friends are towards her safety.

That molester turns out to be someone who can stop Inami's punch and he pretty much fall in love at first sight with Inami. He finds her ability to punch so endearing and thinks she's the cutest thing he has ever laid his eyes on. His name is Yamada Kirio and people mistook her as a molester because he grabs any girls he finds. You see, he is looking for his lost sister.

Inami puts two and two together and quickly deducts that this could be Yamada Aoi's older brother. The resemblance is there. But for some reason, Inami doesn't think that she should bring him to Wagnaria but instead sorta promise Kirio to meet again at the same place. Obviously this send the wrong kind of message to the smitten Kirio. Heh, love triangle in the making. I can't wait to see how Takanashi will handle this.

By the way, after Inami phailed to punch the living daylight out of Kirio, she can actually talk normally to him which is rare. She can only do that with Takanashi before. Granted that he stood a good 2-3 meters away but still... Kirio is a total stranger.

Inami tells Takanashi about Kirio but Takanashi says it is impossible that Aoi is his sister because they all think that Aoi uses a fake family name so that's that. When Inami meet Kirio again, she doesn't bring up Aoi in order to be tactful of the situation but she does promise to help him out.

Once the people at Wagnaria learn about the molester, they are all worried about Inami since she takes that road to work so they send Takanashi to look for her. Lo and behold, Takanashi see Inami talking to Kirio. He doesn't confront them though but walks back to Wagnaria looking mighty pissed off that he even scares Poplar.

The others notice how depressed he is and tries to cheer him up but no one actually knew what had happened so they all take the wrong approach. Everyone thought that Inami punched him too much that he went nuts. Souma-san of course finds this quite hilarious and I can't blame him. I'm laughing my ass off too.

Knowing that it bothers him that much just made my day really. To be honest, I think everyone who watch Working'!! watch this show for the Inami/Takanashi drama. They are the hilarious-you-want-to-root-for kind of drama that just tugs at your heart. I don't know about anyone else but I fucking love it.

Poor Takanashi doesn't know what he is dealing with. He wants to convince himself that it's like someone else walks away with the dog he trained (yep, he's still going with that one) but slowly but surely he realized that Inami isn't a dog and thus bothers him to another new level. The very act of admitting that shattered the cute-and-cuddly complex he has built for years and that is why he is so torn about it. Once he comes to term with his feelings, he effing bangs his head on the wall because he thinks he is a masochist lmao

jeebus Takanashi. You are not a masochist. You just likes Inami way too much XD

I mean, who won't like this? <3

So once again he is in denial mode, confronting Inami and reestablished the fact that he is only interested in small and cute things. Ah it is fun to see how much longer can he endures this ^__^

I never thought that Working'!! could get better but this show proved me wrong with every new episode. They never phailed to amuse me. I now have a stupid grin plastered on my face. I can't wait for the next episode. To have someone as Takanashi's love rival is brilliant. That is in my opinion, the only way he can learn of his feelings towards Inami and I'm all for the drama when it comes to Working'!!


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