25 November 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 7

You gotta love Yuu's deadpan reaction when he saw Tatsumi on the Midnight Channel. The fact that he recorded it was just priceless. Tatsumi is definitely has some complex. He is all tough on the outside but is actually very sensitive and caring in the inside. He even helped a boy by making a handmade keychain from scratch.

Anyway, Yuu, Yousuke, Chie and Yukiko went inside the TV to rescue Tatsumi but Yousuke and Yuu quickly changed their mind when they saw what they are up against. I can't blame them though. I admit that it was grossing me out too, hearing all those sex talks and what not. But of course Chie didn't let them back down from the mission though she quickly lost her patience too.

I lol'd so hard XD

This is definitely one of the most fun rescue mission ever! It just one sexual innuendos after the other and I love sexual innuendos when they are meant to make you laugh. I mean, I can't even take Tatsumi's Shadow seriously.


Having said that, they were having a hard time defeating the Shadow because of the sexual tensions which mean it is time for Yuu to up the game. At the beginning of the episode, inside the Velvet Room, Igor and Margaret told him that if he ever need them, he just have to asked and asked them he did, which awakened his wild card's true power. He infused two cards together that called forth a snake like monster. LOL I should have known. It's not like the Shadow got any complain when the snake attacked them though. In fact, they rather enjoyed it heh.

In the end, the same shit happened. The Shadow was defeated and Tatsumi got his own Persona, which is rather manly in appearance. So now they have one more member to join them in search of the asshole who threw them inside the TV. I suspect the culprit to be Naoto?

Persona 4 the Animation has surprised me yet again with how they balance the pacing and the jokes. This show is definitely one of the strongest show for the Fall in term of the story and overall presentation/deliverance.


It just shows how conscientious Yuu is. He probably records every Midnight TV session so he can analyze it later for clues. Also, it can make for great Saturday night viewing with popcorn~

It never cross my mind that Yuu always recorded the Midnight Channel for analyzing purposes. You are right, Tatsumi Kanji's case ain't exclusive though it was really fun to watch XD

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