22 November 2011

Figuarts Zero Kurosaki Ichigo Getsugatensho version

Jeebus, when was the last time I wrote anything about figures? It has been too long, that's when. The reason for this is because I have no time to appropriately introduce my figures. Besides I need a new display case. The ones I have aren't enough to place them all which is why I have lots of them still in boxes and never opened.

I haven't bought new figures for a while either. The last figures I received was back in August. Wait... that wasn't that long lol.

Anyway, I just found out about this figurarts of Kurosaki Ichigo in his zero getsuga tenshou mode is scheduled to be released in December. I mean... fuck, I SO FUCKING WANT THIS! Just look at the details guys... JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE! *faps*

I have look around the net for this figure, including Hobby Search, but the reservation was closed long ago which obviously disappoints me greatly. Having this figure in my collection would have been perfect. He would look so fucking amazing besides White Hollow Ichigo SDCC Limited Edition figure and the Mega House version of Kurosaki Ichigo.

This figure stands tall at 18cm, made from ABS PVC and is produced by Bandai. It cost at a 3300 yen which is approximately MYR150 which surprisingly far more cheaper than my other three Ichigo's figures.

Like I said earlier, this would be a great addition to my Bleach figures collection and hopefully I will be lucky and managed to obtain this in the near future. If any of you guys want to give this as a gift for me, please do so. I will be forever in debt :D


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