23 November 2011

Yes, this is Conspicuous Klux blog

For those who was a tad confused, just lemme tell you that you have landed to the right blog, if indeed you were looking for Conspicuous Klux. After two years of the same old boring template, I decided to revamp it and thus the new look. I personally like it quite a lot. It's more clean and simple. It's more me.

that is some booty tooch

It is still work in progress though. I have yet to design my new banner, which pretty much a fancier choice of font, and refine my blogroll. I sorta lost the list of blogs when I reconstructing the blog earlier and so I ended up only with 40+ blogs in my list instead of 80 from the previous list. So to everyone who wants to be included in that list of blog roll in this humble blog of mine, please send me a shout out. I know I'm missing some very important blogs that I frequent but the name just refused to register in my brain. My bad T__T

I would also appreciate it if you can leave me your general opinions of what you think of my blog. Be as honest as you want to be because that will only help me be a better blogger. You are welcome to ask personal questions too if you so desired.

5 years of blogging and I am still not tired of it. In fact blogging has been my salvation in my trying days living the routine life of a human. Thank you for being my audience.


Honestly, I like the new layout from a useage standpoint. It's cleaner and more logical in how it flows. Nice job.

I also like the spin on the lists you are doing, like characters starting with a specific letter. I think you should try to make them unique like that in the future. I like reading top ten lists, sure, but everyone does them. When you mix them up by adding specific letters or ages or something else like you did it can be more fun for the reader I think.

I like the new look a lot. It seems much brighter than I remember. The navigation bar at the top has some interesting starting points for exploration. Well done!

It looks happy!

Yep, that's my intro thought. I like it better just cause it looks much more organized in a way. Jeez only at times like these do I realize my ocd's.

I like the colors of the background, they're soothing. I guess the way I can describe it is the page doesn't annoy or anything. Very pretty overall. I'm sure the banner will be lovely.

Yeah, the layout is definitely more user friendly compared to the previous one. To be honest, I wasn't digging the old template either simply because the colors were annoying lol but I was stuck with that template and before I knew it 2 years have passed.

GoodEnoughForMe, I will do my best to come out with even more unique lists. Or you could suggest some. My project for that top10 list is ongoing indefinitely.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. As one blogger to the other, you would know how big deal it is. Though I write for my own satisfaction but it is another different thing when you know someone read what you have to say. So thank you again :)

I also like new layout :-) It is very good. Better than previous :-) But maybe you should consider some suitable picture on the top...The vacant gray place is calling for some pics.

yeah I know why is why I should probably start creating the banner. Unfortunately I left my laptop in the office and this computer I am using now doesn't have the appropriate software for me to start. Like I said, it won't be anything extravagant, just fancier choice of fonts.

Again, I'm so glad that everyone is on the same page about this new layout :D

Holy shit this was a surprise to me. Definitely like it a lot. Kicks ass.....hopefully I can finish Hot Blooded Woman and the books I'm reading and get around to watching some anime soon and write posts again. I've been dead the past month.

at first I read books as boobs and was wondering why you need to finish it. Orz lol

How did you revive from the dead by the way?

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