04 November 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 5

For some reason I have no desire to watch Chihayafuru this week. I tweeted this and immediately got a poke from Kyoukai and Hana. And so I made a promise with them to watch this episode today and here I am fulfilling that promise even though I am mentally and physically sluggish. Yeah, I don't feel so good. Hopefully Arata can cheer me up and makes me energetic again.

After hearing that Arata has quit Karuta, Chihaya drags Taichi to Fukui to confront Arata. It's like she said, if she doesn't do it now, she will never see him again. I'm just sorta glad that Taichi is with her. She needs a pillar and Taichi in my opinion provides that pillar, or should I say, a time-bridge that tied her past and her future together.

if only his hair isn't so pink...

As I have expected, Taichi still has feelings for Chihaya otherwise he would not be bothered with her whimsical behavior, especially since he has got himself a girlfriend. I bet it wasn't easy for him when he asked Chihaya if there is anyone she like. At least he definitely won't expect such off hand respond that she likes Dr. Harada.

Because of his feelings for Chihaya, Taichi has a screwed way of defining love. Heh, who am I to say that his view is screwed. Mine isn't any better. It is actually quite scary listening to what he has to say because that sort of reflects exactly how I feel at the moment, which probably explained why I'm so sluggish. But don't worry I don't feel like jumping off from a window.

and yet

I feel you, Taichi -__-

And so they finally arrived at Fukui. They soon learned that Arata works at a bookstore at that time of day so they run off again towards the station. Chihaya is definitely takes Taichi for granted. Ah damn, now that our situation is similar, I find myself rooting for Taichi instead of fapping to Arata.

Chihaya needs to make up her mind and hurry. Either she wants to meet Arata or she doesn't. She also needs to realize the emotional burdens she has on Taichi which also makes me realized what makes my situation and Taichi situation different: I would confessed my feelings regardless of the outcome instead of keeping it to himself like Taichi does.

Timing is definitely not on his side. Just as he about to sort of shows his feelings towards Chihaya, Arata shows up and thus kills any hope he has left. And I can't blame Taichi. Once I saw Arata, I jizzed. Oh damn, he's such a magnet *drools*

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But he is not the Arata that we knew from years ago. This Arata is rude and a stuck up son of a bitch. I mean, he totally lost it when Chihaya suggests that they play Karuta together before she and Taichi go back to Tokyo. But soon they learned the reason why Arata quit and like I predicted in the last episode, I was right. He was devastated by his grandfather's death because he wasn't there when he passed away (instead he was in a tournament and won as a Class A). And just like I said in the previous episode, he should continue playing karuta to honor his grandfather instead of become so depressed about it. Needless to say, I think his reason is gay and cowardly. He has no right to call Taichi a coward!

But meh, this won't be the last time Taichi and Chihayafuru saw Arata. After all Arata was being a hypocrite about the whole thing. More than anything, he missed them as friends too. I mean, they are perhaps the only friends that he has during childhood and that has to mean something.

have more confidence in your friends, Arata! Having said that your Fukui accent is hhhhhhnnnnnnggh ♥

Well, at least he gets his feelings across. Knowing that Arata does not hates karuta is enough to cheer Chihaya up. If that is not enough, Taichi agrees to help her out with the karuta club, since he is confident that Arata will come to Tokyo after this. Awww isn't he nice? :3

Too bad that we already know how one sided his feelings are. Even though I think he will never get Chihaya but I would love to see Chihaya at least realize his feelings towards her. I want to see how she reacts and who would be her choice then. I think that realization will also helps her realizes her love for Arata. Or maybe she will think it's one sided too since obviously she's in love with someone who she thinks is the karuta god. God is unobtainable after all. Then it will all depends on Arata, wouldn't it? He has the ultimate power in this love triangle thingy.

didn't we all...

And that's it for episode 5. It was quite a roller-coaster of emotions and it definitely got me all perks up. I'm such a sucker for romance and is not afraid to rant when things don't go my way :P

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Such a good show...

I actually like Taichi's definition of love. When things are horrible, you're still devoted to that person you love - you still want to be with them. There's some funny romanticism in that definition along with some real truth.

Same. I think it was rather innocent interpretation of the most overrated word in the world and he simplified it very well. Not all love is perfect and end with "happily ever after". I should know T__T

Yes, it is a perfect definition. "Love" is the pain and humiliation one puts up with to spend a little time with someone who is interested in someone else.

I wouldn't call it humiliation though but I see it as self-sacrifice. Love is not about being selfish after all.

Aaaah this episode made me cry ;___;

You're right, he should keep on playing karuta to honor his grandfather! (Or at least for Chihaya... haha)

>I find myself rooting for Taichi instead of fapping to Arata.

LOL same same, except for the fapping part... His explanation of love is so different from the BS everyone else says, it's so beautiful and sad ;___; qq mannn

And for the same reason why I feel like I identified with Taichi the most at this point in the show ;_;

Yay! Glad the poking worked and that it perked you up!

Megane bishie angst = ze best~

so many megane goodness this season: Persona4, Kimi to Boku and than this. I'm fulfilled.

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