03 November 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 4

Let me first say this: Mirai Nikki sound effect is superb. That clock ticking, that rains splattered on the window, that thunder... perfect timing. It is so damn well played that it scares the bejeebus outta me.

Yuki finally realizes that he has no way to run and no mean to escape, at least not from Yuno since she has that cursed Future Diary that predicts his movements/actions 10 minutes prior.

Match made by Deus ex Machina
(c) Chocora11

It was the Sacred Eye cult that caught Minene in the last episode which explained the whole eye ball mask thingy. Kasugano Tsubaki, is the priest lady (still a child by her looks) at that occult temple. She has a gift to see what her eye wants to see and perceives what she needs from what she sees. Make sense? Well, it will if you know that her diary is Clairvoyance Diary. She is the Sixth.

Unlike the other owner of Future Diary, she has no intention of killing Yuki, or so she says, but according to her diary, she'll be dead by midnight unless she does something about it. That something is to exchange Yuki and Minene. As if Yuno will let her. But she already knew this so she is prepared. Too bad she doesn't know that it was Yuno who wants to kill her for arousing suspicious in Yuki's mind about her.

Too bad someone is playing the bad guy first before Yuno can execute her plan. S/he causes the temple to catch on fire and the followers to kill each other. Or this is just another hypnotize thingy power that Tsubaki has and she is actually playing tricks to confuse Yuki, Yuno and Kurusu. We already saw that happened to Minene in the last episode.

Yuno sorta figures out something is not right but of course Yuki won't believe her and he makes the biggest mistakes of his life, by calling Yuno a nutcase in her face!

that's like writing your own name in Death Note, Yuki *facepalm*

And here I thought Yuki would have learned his lesson by now *sighs*

Mean while in the dungeon where Minene is held captive, the dude who captured her is still around and is a total wackjob. He seems very formidable at first until he grabs that magic transforming belt of his. I almost fall off my chair, laughing.

pfffftttttt lmao

I got a feeling that this fucker is Kurusu since he's gone after the commotion but Minene calls him Twelfth. Hmm, an owner can't have two Future Diary right? Damn it. If Sixth is all-seeing, than his is all-hearing who uses the logic of rock-paper-scissors and fuck it I can't take this wackjob seriously ever since I saw him wearing that paper bag in the last episode. I couldn't not like him, you know what I mean? lol

Anyway, he's planning on killing Sixth and First but like Minene said, it won't be so easy with Yuno around. Yuno figures out that Twelfth is going to use his hypnosis on the zombies and the rules of Mirai Nikki is Yuno Gasai is always right!

So you better choose Yuki: Yuno so you can live or Tsubaki which mean she will have to kill both of you.


madness, ain't it?

Another brilliant episode from Mirai Nikki. Yuno has once again proves herself worthy of raping Yuki's ass and hopefully Yuki will realize that there can be no live without Yuno, literally. Tsubaki is obviously a dubious person. She acts all chummy with Yuki but called Yuno a bitch when things didn't go as well as she had planned. I can't wait to see her dead. As for that corpses in Yuno's house, I started to think that she wasn't the one who killed them, rather that she was a witness to such gruesome murder and thus was so traumatic by the experience that she became a murderer herself, but all for the sake of that wimpy kid, Amano Yukiteru. Let's hope the truth will be revealed soon enough.

For my rant on previous episodes, click here.


Very surprising episode. I liked that there was a diary that wasn't in a cell phone -- that shakes things up.

What I didn't understand is what happened to the detective?

I know right? That is why i have this fleeting thought that Fourth and Twelfth is actually of the same person otherwise why would they bothered to make him so mysterious. It kinda fits since Kusuru is no where to be seen at all.

Twelfth and Fourth aren't the same. Fourth was just busy doing some...other stuff, that you'll find out later on

yeah I know. Otherwise they would just be 11 people in front of Deus Ex Machina when he called that meeting last time. I just let my imagination ran wild for a bit lol

Man, Yuno is F@#$d up in the head. There were a couple moments in the episode where she gave me chills with her psycho expression, scary stuff. Great episode, the sixth was cute as hell btw. The twelfth was hysterical, especially his hardcore booty-shaking lol.

Don't let her cuteness fools you. I bet Sixth is a nutter too. She's definitely not just the cutesy blind girl like she wants Yuki to believe she is. A person like her is more scary imo. At least with Yuno it's out in the open. With Sixth, you don't have any idea when is she going to stab you in the back.

This is one of my favourite anime series out this season. :) I love the crazy, bombastic twists and storytelling... and we're only four episodes in so far!

22 episodes to go. Ain't we lucky? XD

Heyy! Long time no comment! I just got done redoing my online anime life lol. So I deleted everything & started over. The site, new email, all that. So now I need to add your RSS. I think we're twitter friends. Anyways, I saw Mirai Nikki & it was definitely interesting. I must say the entire...! Omfg I ALMOST RUINED THE SHOW FOR YOU!!! lol I started making a comment about the ending lol. Anyways, yeah I loved it. yukki is a little bitch. And I mean in the true sense of the word. I mean jeez...I know Its middle school & all, but DAYAM! And yes, calling Yuno Nuts will get yours chopped off. She's that capable. Let me stop before I ruin anything else lol. Oh btw. Have you watched "Another?" it's a fun...er bloody show lol. Just as jarring as Higurashi/Umineko series, but a bit less psychotic. Look forward to commenting more.

yeah I watch Another but just like Mirai Nikki, I haven't finish it yet. I dunno why but I can't seem to finish/complete any series nowadays. I just don't want them to end, if you know what I mean

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