29 October 2011

Working'!!: Episode 4

Satou is angry again. Yep, you have guessed the reasons: Kyoko ate all the whipping cream and it's the perfect excuse for Yachiyo to drag her to the supermarket to buy more. Poplar has such great timing so once again she is being bullied by Satou-san.

If that is not enough, the episode pours more salt to Satou's wounded heart by showing us a tidbit of Yachiyo/Kyoko childhood. It was pretty much the same as the present with Yachiyo following Kyoko everywhere like a shadow of hers. Man, I can see how Satou will have trouble winning the fights against such affection and admiration as his opponent. He's doomed to be angry for eternity if he failed to move on from Yachiyo, or to convince her that he's the one and Kyoko is just using her.

On their way to the supermarket, Yachiyo and Kyoko find a lady who climbs out of a manhole. I suspect she is none other than Otoo's wife. It doesn't take long for Yachiyo to put two and two together. She wants to tell Kyoko but her love stops her. Kyoto loves the present Otoo brought for her so if Otoo stopped searching for his wife, there will be no present which obviously will make Kyoko sad and Yachiyo doesn't want Kyoko to be sad.

So the selfish inner bitch of Yachiyo decides not to say anything. Even if she wants to she won't be able to do so because she is so happy to have her face in between Kyoko's breasts.

But Yachiyo is not a bad person. She feels terrible for not helping Otoo-san out. Satou don't need a light house to see that something is wrong so as the most responsible person in Wagnaria he approaches Yachiyo to comfort her. His plan sorta backfired though when out of nowhere Yachiyo blatantly asked him if he likes her.

It takes a moment for Satou to say anything and I freaking love what Atsushi Ootsuki does during those silent moment of him contemplating his reply. The different angle shots and the sequences that he opted definitely heighten the suspense and when Satou finally admit that he does, I freaking squeal with delight. And the way he says it, taking a deep breath and just lay it out in the open like that... Oh man, Daisuke Ono... you smex!


As expected, things won't go so smooth for Satou. Yachiyo practically break down claiming that she's not worth it before she storms out of the room. At the same time, Inami walks in. I thought everyone at Wagnaria (except Yachiyo and Kyoko) are aware of Satou's feelings towards Yachiyo. Obviously I was mistaken because Inami just figured it out and she accidentally let Satou knows that she knows. LOL bad move. If she tells anybody about it, Satou threatens to tell Takanashi that she likes him. Hahahah bulls eyes!


I understand how Inami feels bad for Satou but really she should worry about herself. She is more or less in the same situation, perhaps worse since she is androphobia. But maybe this could help her with her phobia since she couldn't stop feeling sorry for Satou and has been stalking him ever since.

Takanashi takes this the wrong way. He thought that Inami is in love with Satou so he begins to observe her observing Satou. Best part of this is the fact that it bothers him! What's more he sorta tells what he thought and feels to Souma-san out of all people!

Though Souma actually gives a good advice, Takanashi fucking ruins it. He confronts her after work and tells her to give up liking whoever he is that she likes. Obviously this breaks that poor heart of Inami. Seriously, sometimes I want to bitch slap Takanashi like he's my boy slut... Thankfully they clear that misunderstanding in no time at all. Inami takes the opportunity to come clean as well and since the clueless Takanashi has no idea that Inami was referring to him, it just bothers him even more. *chuckles* sweet isn't it?


Otoo-san comes in the next day and everyone thinks it is strange that Yachiyo doesn't attack Otoo. That is good though since Otoo is being attack by Aoi about the adoption paper. I don't think he can survive the assault from both girls at the same time.

Once again it is Satou who approaches Yachiyo to find out what is wrong. Yachiyo almost break down thinking that everyone will hate her if she tells the truth. Pfft, you worry too much Yachiyo. No one will hate you.

d'awwww ♥

Ah thank goodness that there are finally some developments! It looks like both the thick headed persons finally realize their true feelings. Yachiyo has been slowly but surely charmed by the ever so charming and responsible Satou-kun while Takanashi feels threatens by this unknown guy that Inami is in love with. Like the previous season, the progress that each episode brings is tremendous which is why I love it in the first place. This show deals with real emotions and reminds me that emotions don't always have to be the sad one.

It also reminds me why I always like to be the one doing the chasing when it comes to love. It's the thrill that excites me and a guarantee that it won't be such mundane and ordinary love story. The harder it is, the more fun it will be :D

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:( poor satou.
sometimes i wish yachiyo's world didnt revolve around kyoko. not just because she's hurting satou but because she's disregarding everything else for her own wishes :/

here's something that I believe: Yachiyo doesn't love Kyoko. She is just infatuated with her and is borderline obsessing. So I think Satou should be manlier: confessed and makes her realized that it's not going to work out between her and Kyoko. After all, Kyoko is just using her.

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