29 October 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 3

First of all, who wears jacket and snow cap on hot summer day? Yuki does. No wonder his brain is fried. He and Yuno went to the amusement park. It was Kurusu's plan in order o pinpoint the identity of the other Future Diary holders. Their priorities however is capturing Ninth.

I thought as a policeman, Kurusu's main concern is about saving people's life. The fact that he asked Yuno and Yuki to go to the amusement park is rather suspicious since that means it will endangered more life than necessary and knowing that this show is all about killing, gore and blood, I am sure Yuno and Yuki will be attacked there and thus caused the death of the civilians.

Nonetheless, it was a good opportunity for Yuki to get to know Yuno. In fact it was his golden chance! He even get to hug the naked Yuno in the pool. Lucky!

that "I just cum" face

At the very least, the episode starts with a lighter mood compared to the previous two and it feels sorta good. Yuki even has the chance to asked Yuno why she chased him around. Apparently it all started when they have to fill in a survey form. Yuno wanted to see the stars with his family and thus Yuno promised to be his bride which will make her as part of the family as well. Too bad Yuki didn't take this as seriously as Yuno did.

Fortunately for them, Minene was too butthurt to make a move. But looks like this is just the calm before the storm as another Future Diary holder has showed up and offer his alliance with Minene. Or at least he pretended to do so. He hypnotizes Minene so that she will reveal what she knows about Yuno, Yuki and Kurusu. He's a cruel motherfucker who uses his bare hand to pluck Minene's eye out.

I admit: I lol'd

At the same time, Yuki invited Yuno into her house. In the middle of her house there is a mystery room. Like the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. His curiosity makes Yuki opens the door. Unknowingly, that simple action of his alter all the Future Diary's holders. That room filled with the corpses of Yuno's family. I bet she killed them all.

Since he has opened the Pandora Box, now even Yuno wants to kill him. Ah... you don't have any luck at all do you Yuki?

and the nightmare begins!

This was a brilliant episode. I never would have thought that Yuno will go against Yuki this early in the game. This won't be just like any other chase though sine Yuno basically has Yuki's life written in her diary. There's no way he can escape that easily.

The price you gotta pay when you have a Yandere girlfriend *chuckles*

For my rant on previous episodes, click here.


Dude, she's 10 kinds of creepy.. But has a nice rack and I'm sure that evens out in some dimension.

Note: If she's (the object of our affections) is saying goodnight through the mail slot, the relationship isn't as stable as you thought! lol

no duh but isn't that why we (or at least I) root for her in the first place. wait, does this mean that I'm 10 kinds of creepy as well for different reasons? :LOL:

Probably, who knows. You are most definitely not alone though lol

You root for her in the first place because she has a nice rack? ha! nah I know what you meant and well I like her better than him, so that answers where I stand.

meh, I'm more of a pettan person. I root for her simply because she's bat shit insane! She's like Daryl Yan in Guilty Crown. I am a sucker for such characters

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