28 October 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 4

Before Arata left the town, they once again renewed their promise to be class A player of Karuta and will see each other at the national tournament again someday. It was a big promise and it seems like Taichi has sorta forgot or purposely neglected that promised. Maybe Arata is the same as Taichi (though I doubt it) or he could be like Chihaya who holds that promise as if her life depended on it.

the death glare

I am actually surprised that Chihaya got jealous when she found out that Taichi got himself a girlfriend. Out of jealousy, she forced Taichi to promise of helping her out with Karuta's club if she got to Class A at the tournament on Saturday. I didn't know she has that kind of feelings towards Taichi or it could be that she felt like she will lost another friend. I know I felt like that when my best friends got themselves a girlfriend and eventually got married. Kinda makes me feel ronery.

Taichi actually came to the tournament to support Chihaya. Aww that was sweet of him and dayyum he is one good looking fella.

I'm sure they are =3

So he tells Harada-sensei why he quit Karuta. He feels inferior to Arata and doesn't think that he can beat him at Karuta even though he spent his entire youth playing and honing his skills. Ah... that just won't do, Taichi. What do you think Chihaya has been doing /her/ entire youth? I hope this doesn't mean that he's given up fighting for Chihaya's affection as well.

and they SPARKLED!

Good news is, Chihaya manages to change his mind during the tournament which she won. Taichi was forced to buy chocolate for her after that. Wait... you get chocolate every time the tournament ends? SIGN ME UP!

Since she made it to Class A, she wastes no time calling Arata to tell him the good news but guess what? Arata has quit Karuta. He even hung up on Chihaya after he told her not to contact him again. Err... WHAT?! Oh man, I feel sorry for Chihaya. Her dreamed of reliving her childhood moment has just been shattered to pieces by the only guy that she pinned her hopes for.

Arata must have his reasons but I can't figure out any at the moment? Was he devastated at the death of his grandfather? That couldn't be it. He should be playin Karuta in honor of his grandfather! Financial problem? I don't think Karuta required any sort of money except buying the cards. Hmm...

I guess this what makes Chihayafuru so damn good. I crave for something that is well-written and Chihayafuru delivered just that. krizzlybear brought to my attention regarding Chihaya trying to defy the time and I think he sorta spot on.

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I liked this episode. The Karuta was interesting, and it was fun to see the characters older, now that we have all that background story.

I don't think Chihaya has a thing for Taichi, just that she is informal and warm with her friends. It didn't strike me as jealousy, as much as something big she wanted to talk with a friend about. That is, it didn't strike me as her being mad that Taichi has a girlfriend, as much as a shock that things are different, and she didn't have anyone to share that with.

yeah Chihaya definitely lives in the past. She doesn't want anything to change from when they were having so much fun playing Karuta together. She's in denial that her friends have changed and trying to defy time using Karuta.

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