20 October 2011

Working: Episode 3

And so the show finally decided to at least try to tie the first season with this one. Too bad they went for Nazuna school project instead of developing Inami and Takanashi relationship further. Hmm, all in due time I hope. Speaking of which, Inami was getting better with her androphobia in season one but she seems to getting worse in this new season.

Inami punch!

Nazuna still thinks that his brother is a masochist who likes being punched by Inami. Even though she gets it wrong, she is still aware that these two are a good match and thus wish Takanashi good luck. Sadly, that clueless man knows not what she means T__T

get a clue, man. For real!

Nazuna is not the only sister who visits Wagnaria today. Kozue is around too, bawling her eyes out to Inami since she has been dumped yet again. Looks like in this episode we will see Takanashi dealing with his sisters. Fun time ahead! Oh an apparently even Kozue is supportive of Takanashi and Inami shipping. Awesome!

Nazuna kinda tell her emo-sister about the girl who Takanashi is close with at work. She shows her a picture where Poplar was in it too. As expected Izumi misunderstood and thought Poplar and Takanashi are dating. LOL I almost forgot that Izumi has a brother complex. Knowing this piece of news troubles her, thinking that Takanashi will longer tend to her needs. She is so troubled, she no longer able to write creatively and thus she sorta run away from home.

This obviously causes panic.

sometimes, I'm like this too ^^"

By chance, Izumi meets Izumi in front of a convenience store while Takanashi is looking for her. More than anything else, I'm surprised to see her in a white dress. Anyhoo, Inami helps out Izumi and spends time together with her at the park, discussing about her slumps and all that. Izumi told Inami what she thought she knows about Takanashi having a girlfriend at his workplace.

Oh boy this couldn't be good. I can already see what's going to happen next when Inami found out Izumi is actually Takanashi's sister.

Because Izumi thinks Takanashi likes Poplar who looks like a kid and thus illegal to have a relationship with coz that would makes him a pedophile, she tries to advice Takanashi about it. Bad mistake though. Takanashi will never forgive anyone who has something against anything small and cute!

or you'll die!

Takanashi takes a day off on the next day but Nazuna comes by to help out at the Wagnaria. Everyone's grateful except for Yamada but that's because she's useless and envious of Nazuna who is as good as Takanashi when it comes to working. But this is Yamada after all. She's pretty gullible. All Nazuna has to do is compliment her and calling her senpai and she's all good. Nazuna pretty much has everything under control.

bow down to your ruler, minions!

This is a good episode. I enjoyed it a lot. I get to see Takanashi at home, doing all those house chores, after a hard day at Wagnaria. He did not complain even once. What a nice guy. It's hard for women not to fall in love with him once they learned all these good traits about him. I am not an exception ♥

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p/s: Izumi crawling all over the floor must be a pretty common thing for the Takanashi

her regular entrance


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