21 October 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 3

Heh, three Chihayafuru episode in one week. It just feels so good. Makes me wonder if I should probably watch the rest of the episode in one sitting. But if I do that, I might get side-tracked and this show probably ended up on my backlog list in no time at all. It's not fair so I guess, I'll be watching it every week like the rest of you guys.

Taichi, Arata and Chihaya went to a cultural center to see the seniors playing Karuta. Just like Arata, they were extremely serious when it comes to the game. Chihaya has completely different perspective on the game then since it can be considered a sport considering how much energy one has to put up to win the game.

As usual, Chihaya and Arata were fire up when it comes to Karuta, even more so when the seniors at the center started to challenge them. Taichi was pretty much dragged into the Genpei match. It was fun to see Chihaya all stressed out to memorize all the cards as Taichi was annoyed that Arata took the lead once again. Mean while the opposing team was completely awestruck with Arata's ability at Karuta. It was even more entertaining when the three of them started to compete with each other.

Yep, they definitely brought in the fun factor in otherwise serious game of Karuta.

The three of them decided to enter a tournament in March so they will be joining the club and practice for the tournament together. Arata didn't afraid to pressurize Chihaya and Taichi when it comes to Karuta and that is so much fun to watch.

intermission: yes I ship these two

However it wouldn't be fun if they have such a perfect story now, would it? The three of them have definitely created a bond and when the news came that Taichi was going to a different middle school and Arata was going back to Fukui to attend to his sick grandfather, just imagined how heartbroken Chihaya was. Not to mention that her sister was obviously unhappy that Chihaya has her own dream and interest now. Chihaya was about to lost her support system.

So she withdrew from the tournament or at least that was what she intended to do but there was no way she could disappoint her team mate. That would be their last Karuta game together and even though they lost (because Taichi lost), they had so much fun.

It pains me knowing that they have to go their separate ways :(

Taichi, Chihaya and Arata were still just kids and kids were often very honest with their feelings. This show does not bother to be pretentious about it and that what makes this show enjoyable. The pace was amazing as if everything that happened were meant to happen. When Arata left, I almost shed tears. I feel for these kids.

we all made this sort of promise when we were kids T__T

ps: Apparently Arata got this good not just because of his passion for the game but he is pretty much born with the talent. He is the grandson of the Eternal Master from Fukui, Hajime Wataya who won 7 consecutive years in the 80's.

pss: That batman shirt that Taichi wore definitely brought back fond memories when I was a kid.

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This episode really clarified the status of their relationships, as well as what happened to split up the trio.

I wouldn't be able to wait either; I look forward to the next episode as soon as I finish watching the current one. It has been a while since I have really wanted to just watch episodes over and over, but Chihayafuru does it for me.

I'm not too sure about the last part. I watched this after it has been on my computer for couple of days. But I must agree that it gave me great satisfaction ^_^

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