28 October 2011

Bleach: Chapter 470

So Rukia now is a bunny. Her wish to become a chappy has come true thanks to Rurika but this doesn't bode well for her. How is she supposed to fight in a bunny costume? Having said that, she has no trouble using shunpo and giving Rurika a hard time playing catch up with the Deviko. But Rukia is Rukia. She never failed me. I lol'd when she tried a hadou and it exploded inside the costume. That is so utterly cute.

And then BAM! Kubo brings us to Gunjou vs Ichigo/Ishida fight. What the hell? No opening speech?

Ishida notices right away that Ginjou's attack has Ichigo's residual reiatsu in it which possibly will cancel out any attacks from Ichigo. But just like Rukia being Rukia, Ichigo is being Ichigo. He doesn't wait to listen what Ishida has to say and goes in for the kill. That is exactly what Ginjou wants. Hell, he can even do Getsuga Tenshou. Fucking copycat.

Towards the end of the chapter, Rurika said something that is pretty interesting. She likes the label of being 'not normal' because of Tsukishima and Ginjou. I guess to her these two are her knights in shining armor which is why she's on their side.

Wait... are we gonna have a fucking back story of Rurika now? Oh come on now Kubo. You fucking dismissed the idea of Ulquiorra's back story but now you are making up one for shitty character like Rurika? Give me a fucking break! >=(

As you can see, it was a fast chapter. The only important thing to take note is Ginjou's power up.

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