19 October 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 3

I am so not happy to see Masaki hanging out with the boys. Aww man, this just might ruined the whole show for me. I hate this feeling, you know... that feeling of murdering Masaki... I've been on this spot so many times before it is not even funny.

Thankfully it looks like her affection is only limited to Shun and since I don't care much for Shun... she can have him, but please don't let her be such a tsundere again, J.C. Staff. *sighs* that's impossible isn't it? Well, at least Shun is as clueless as a telephone pole even though the other guys practically spelled it out for him.

They have a transfer student in their class and he's the guy that has been in the OP and ED. I was wondering when he is going to pop up. And here I thought in the preview that Chizuru is a girl LMAO. Anyhoo, he's very energetic. His energy does not match his height at all as he is the shortest out of the bunch.

Chizuru immediately assaulted Yuuki once he realized who he sitting next to in class. Heh, I'm exaggerating with the details but same difference. Yuuki absolutely has no idea who Chizuru is, nor are the others but he claimed that they once played at the park together. Basically Chizuru starts off on the wrong foot. He pretty much pissed everyone off, except for the clueless Shun.

but everything pissed you off, Kaname!

Chizuru gives up when everyone says that they don't remember him until he gets bullied by the delinquents. Yuuki and Yuta come to his rescue and fuck they are so freaking cool! Definitely reminds me of my friends of high school: we-didn't-go-around-flaunting-what-we-have-but-once-you-crossed-us-you'll-be-pretty-sorry type of friends that I know I can rely on whenever.

Turns out it really was Yuuki that he spent time with at the park when they were young and I kinda understand Chizuru's feelings. Friends you spent time during your childhood are often friends that you trusted the most. Even more so when you realized the bond you shared is something special.

I'm sorta envious of Chizuru. He gets to see the other side of Yuuki that many can't. Every time I saw Yuuki, I feel like jizzing in my pantsu. Does that considered as selfcest?

This is pretty cliche episode, considering they need to make up a story for Chizuru to be truly part of the group. Having said that, now i know how to differentiate between Yutan and Yukki \^_^/

no, it's just not that blazers

and on a side note... Kaname has a brilliant moment in this episode



I definitely like where this is going *chuckles*

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